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The Most Important Things That Make or Break a Good Life


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Focus on these things and you are good to go.


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  1. Dear Mr. Anton, This is the 4th year that I am following your channel. I watch most of the video that you upload. I started watching your video starting in 2017 and I was living in Bangladesh my motherland. Last year I move to Canada and still I am in same position. Though I change my place of living from Dhaka to Montreal but I could not make myself rich. To become rich was my dream always. could you please give me a advise how can I make myself rich in next 5 years. by the way I am 61 now. waiting to have a valuable advice. In Bangladesh Most of friend are millionaire and a few are Billionaire and I hang around with them still I could not make my self rich and that is the basic reason I left Bangladesh and came to Canada and become one of the poorest man in a world richest country.

  2. You guys speak my mind! And i feel now I've reached to a place where it'll be my time. My time hasn't come but I've arrived there with a lot of learnings and an awful lot of it matches what you say in your videos. Cheers xx

  3. I really liked y'all's travel videos but I never saw y'all as travel vloggers. That being said I'd like to see more travel videos from Alux. Personally I love to travel, it's the most exciting time in life when we get to explore a new place.

  4. I want to know why the YouTube algorithm is throwing conspiracy theory, Is war mongering, Racist bullshit at me all day long when I could be listening to something like this. What did I do to piss off the algorithm?

  5. Incredible channel! Truly Amazing and a blessing in this awakening world, really.
    But holy mother of God the forced voice inflections are ultra cringe level bonkers yuck. Very "portrayal". I get the idea/purpose for the shtick but dear lord stab me to death and put me out of my misery listening.
    I have to watch volume off, closed caption on, and get the points in the comments.
    I 👏 am 👏 not 👏 the 👏 only 👏 one.
    Any linguists here that can identify said inflections?? Like "vocal fry" and such. ?
    Otherwise much love and blessings 🙏

  6. As a gamer. Here are some quotes I pulled from video games.
    Delusions too die hard, only the savage regard the endurance of pain as the measure of worth.
    ~Alice madness returns

    That moment you realize that lady luck was actually just a hooker and you're fresh out of cash
    ~Max payne 3

  7. "Everything" word on the bonus part was mispelled. This is why I stopped watching your videos for a long time. I know it is just a small mistake but your credibility to share knowledge can be affected by these mistakes. So make sure to watch carefully your video before posting it in public to have more credible and valuable content. Just an honest review. Don't take it as an attack because I love this channel since the beginning, I just wanted to point out some mistakes to make it more awesome going forward. 😊

  8. Not much to say except for how enjoyable this video was. Very simple, but we get the concept. Keywords showed that the were many members inside your organisation that were concerned about what's to come. I'm looking forward to watching your travel series. 😊

  9. My social tree is really trimmed. gave too much money, time and effort. people only reach when they need you.🙄 I fine with that. very few people in my circle, more time to explore other things I like and enjoy.

  10. I'm 30+ and constantly looking for new friends. It's just a part of life, and I've known it for a long time. My path is different than most, so I've lost contact with a lot of old friends. For example, I'm child-free, so I've grow apart from all my old friends that have kids. I've also moved around quite a bit, while most of my friends haven't. And I pursued FIRE so that I can be a full-time writer, while most people work a full-time job until traditional retirement.

  11. At last, a video that goes full screen all throughout. I don't know about others, but I really don't like it when the video has smaller picture and thicker grid. I also appreciate the bright and clear video quality here as opposed to that stupid effect they apply to make the vid look old.

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