The Surprising Power of Talking to Strangers | Cynthia Cheng | TEDxTinHauWomen – YouTube

The Surprising Power of Talking to Strangers | Cynthia Cheng | TEDxTinHauWomen


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How many opportunities to meaningfully connect with people do we pass up everyday? Can a stranger change our life? After interviewing 100+ shift workers around the city, Cynthia implores us to discover the power of connecting with strangers. Cynthia is a writer, lawyer and a keen storyteller. She is passionate about sharing heart-warming stories of people in our community who are often overlooked. She co-founded a social impact storytelling platform, Hong Kong Shifts, to showcase these stories through words and visuals to foster meaningful connections and create a positive impact in our community. She interviews and narrates captivating accounts of shift workers – street cleaners, taxi drivers, janitors and others – and brings to light their silent contributions to keep this city moving like a well-oiled machine. Through these compelling stories, Cynthia hopes to bridge the social gap, build empathy and shift perspectives. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. This is really lovely. Some years ago, whenever we travel somewhere as a family, I always admired how my parents could easily talk with some strangers, I like hearing people- it enlights me. The different ways they talk, their voices and their knowledge about stuff. I want to be that comfortable and open with strangers, but it's not always safe ofcourse

  2. Back in my life, I had the same feeling, I was very shy to talk to a stranger and I always rejected to ask to make just a conservation with a stranger. However, I don't know how I beat this feeling and now I'm very open and can talk completely with anyone, either old or young. Sometimes just one word enough to start a conversation.

  3. Growing up, I dealt with anxiety and depression. However, with the grace of God- I was able to talk to strangers in a way where it didn't feel so scary. I started to create connections and created healthy relationships within my community in which also helped me burst my bubble of which I kept myself in. I started to realize the importance of community and one small act of kindness through words can really create a beautiful friendship and relationship between others. I am so happy to say that I no longer have to fight the battle of thoughts during times of conversations whether I start it or not.

    Overall, talk to people because it is beneficial to all of us– love when she says "It makes our worlds a little bit bigger and a little less strange" because that is exactly what happened in my story.

  4. Thank you Cynthia for this insight. I've been meaning to talk to strangers for a while now. Although you talked for only for about 9 minutes, what you said can have a huge positive impact on someone's life and increase their level of happiness. Stay blessed <3 .

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