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The Time Management Method for "Lazy" People


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  1. I recommend using an app like flip for this with notification setting turned off for focus time and on for break. So you will not be notified when the 25 minutes are over and the timer continues measuring. So you stay in the flow state. When you are done or feel like taking a break , you can stop the timer. And you will be notified after the break time (5 or 10 minutes , set manually by you) is over. So you repeat the thing again.

  2. I sometimes listen to self-help books and I felt quite surprised when in one book they once recommended working in 25-minute chunks and the other time in 90-minute chunks (to get into the flow state).
    I guess the original pommodoro technique is better for studying than work.

  3. As a law student you force yourself to keep in the zone when studying, take a break after 2hours get up walk, drink.. But you have to stay in the zone and focus, in the "flow". Meaning no short breaks.

  4. Your videos are always to the point. I wonder why are you not available to many people. I want you to be standing with millions of subscribers ❤️❤️.
    Lots of appreciation and love from India🇮🇳

  5. My mix of the two methods works like this: I start a 25 minutes timer on the forest app meaning that I have to work at least 25 minutes, but I set my phone on silent/do not disturb. This way, I don't actually know when the 25 minutes are up. I take a break (after the 25 mins are up) either when I start to feel tired/distracted, when I have a specific need or to do (e.g. eat, get a coffee, go to a meeting,…) or when I've finished a big task. This helps me manage my time, keep focused and also track how long I spend on each activity (vs how long I thought it would take) to improve my planning skills over time.

  6. This describes my workflow exactly! I am easily distracted so when I enter flow state I just couldn't afford to take short/regular breaks that don't feel like breaks at all. Learning to let go of the rigidity of 25-minute intervals of work and shifting instead to logging my flow time in a notebook (I write the beginning and end time per focus period and what task I did) helped me tremendously. I also became more aware of how I use my time. 😊 Thank you for this video, Mariana!

  7. I'm a type of person once in flow I can work for hours so the pomodoro method really is not for me as I lose my focus once distracted but thanks for this video it was helpful

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