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The World Has Changed! Here are the NEW RULES


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  • Published On: 2022-02-20 17:29:23
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The world has changed! Here’s how it will impact you!
Life is a Game This is how you win it:

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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
Is the world changing?
How is the world changing?
What are the biggest changes in the new world?
How is education changing?
What are the biggest changes in the world right now?
How to get rich from a changing world?

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – You don’t need degrees
02:19 – Hours in the office don’t matter
03:29 – Your office or business is your laptop
04:50 – Patriotism is replaced by chosen communities
06:17 – Platforms are stronger than governments
07:45 – The Internet is the largest marketplace to ever exist
09:29 – Find your sense of purpose or feel lost
10:45 – Your Online Reputation is your CV
11:41 – War is outdated and seen as primitive
33:12 – The New Rich have different values
14:43 – Old people can no longer offer advice
06:04 – Privacy is more important than security
18:21 – Power needs to be decentralized
19:37 – Developed Societies are borderless
20:24 – Wealth is abundant and accessible to everyone
21:21 – Question

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  1. You must understand China is a different type of government – a non white democratic system.
    There are many things they do better than "Democracy" and there are things that they don't. But their system works well and the people are very happy there. Chinese people support their government more than ever right now. Can you say that about America?

  2. Religion does not make people poor…it makes the world around average people more expensive.Religion was never ment to be what it was made out to…it was literally a tool to keep people on a path of "doing good" …the minute someone turned it into a business or just a few teachers of it didnt fully understand its purpose, it lost its purpose.Litteraly it tought people to aim for heaven(paradise) and to get there,you had to do good by your fellow humans…I mean look how hard people try to get rich.,so they can buy "paradise" and that means anything goes, as long as you make money…and this is how you exhaust the planet.Ita clear in history people's comprehensive skills have always lacked…taking God out of school was a very big thing because generations do not learn to do good to each other; they learn how to turn profits…Crazy how religious people die happy no matter their wealth…But wealthy people rarely die happy..
    Ps..I am not religious(i learned to do good by others and dont need it to keep me going), I'm displaying that we as humans, or in the United States have serious comprehensive issues.Many just don't fully understand the majority of what is presented to them.Its like believing you can read, but you can only pronounce words.

  3. The narrator in this particular video had either too much coffee or is impatiently waiting for one …. I mean “we can change the FREAKING world together”? Or flipping out when talking about certain topics. hahah chill 😆

  4. Well I don't think all of this can be called our current reality. This info is more likely relevant 5-10 years in the future. Keep up the good work though. I would say the world is in the process of changes. The changes you mention here are not 100% upon us yet.

  5. Patriotism is good as long as it is not forced patriotism, sadly most nations are built with forced patriotism with government terrorist method. I am rightist and i don't support government terrorism to enforce forced patriotism and nationalism

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