United Airlines INAUGURAL FLIGHT to Amman, Jordan in Business Class – YouTube

United Airlines INAUGURAL FLIGHT to Amman, Jordan in Business Class


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  • Published On: 2022-05-14 20:30:12
  • Video Published/Author: Jeb Brooks
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Watch this video to see what it’s like to fly with United Airlines on 787 Dreamliner to Amman, Jordan!

United Airlines has announced more new routes to fascinating destinations than any other US airline and I booked a ticket on the first of these flights. I traveled in United Airlines First Class “Polaris” from Washington Dulles Airport to Amman, Jordan.

You’ll see everything, from the *incredible* Polaris Lounge in Washington to the epic party the airline hosted at the gate. You’ll see the United Airlines First Class Polaris Seat, the United Airlines First Class food and service, not to mention the United Airlines Inflight Entertainment.

You’ll even get the highlights of the United Airlines Inaugural Flight festivities. From the party to the food to the giveaways and even some incredible Jordanian Dancing!

No doubt about it, United Airlines did this right!

But, best of all, I had the chance to meet up in Petra with my friend and fellow YouTuber, Dennis Bunnik. Check out his channel here:

0:00 Introduction
2:08 United Airlines Polaris Lounge
4:09 Amman Inaugural Flight Gate Party
5:34 Boarding United Airlines Business Class
8:09 United Airlines Business Class Dinner Service
10:42 United Airlines Business Class Breakfast Service
11:43 United Airlines JebScore
13:18 Water Canon Salute & Petra

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  1. I have literally never in my life heard of an on time United flight. Not in real life, not in movies (e.g. United 93), not when picking up my friends/family at EWR, not even while watching flight reviews 😂

  2. I will say that when the sun is glaring off the wing into the cabin through the windows set to their darkest setting, it is noticeably bright and kinda trippy. However, I still love the 787’s window technology. I always seem to sit next to that window person who shuts the shades the second they sit down and never opens them again the entire flight. How can you takeoff and land with the window shades closed? Cool review

  3. Jeb!!!!!!! So sorry you didn’t get your first choice! When I have you on my international flight as your Purser, I’ll make sure both you and Suzanne get your first options! This review is awesome; per usual! Thank you for your business! Tell Suzanne hello!!!!!!!!

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