Vahdam Teas | India Start-Up Stories | Season 2 | Episode 1 | Discovery India – YouTube

Vahdam Teas | India Start-Up Stories | Season 2 | Episode 1 | Discovery India


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How did Bala Sarda combine his passion for entrepreneurship with a 85 year family legacy of tea plantations to create a globally recognised brand? Find out about the journey of Vahdam Teas in India Start-up Stories Season 2. Starts Monday, 12th October at 7PM on Discovery.
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  1. He say no Indian tea brand – not quite true! Kannan Devan is an 100% Indian tea brand but perhaps he means not global. I believe each of the tea estates sell their teas directly to consumers. You can buy online directly from the tea estates. Just google tea estates in Darjeeling for example which will give you the names of tea estates & you can buy directly online.
    However the one think I like is they sell directly single estate teas which I really like as that’s quite hard to come by since most tea brands sell blended teas even if they label it as Darjeeling,it often is a blend of several estates Darjeeling however I like with Vahdam teas, one certainly gets to taste the tea from each estate. I believe tea is like wine, the flavour profile will be different even between estates in the same region depending on the soil .

  2. The freshness and the genuine blend of the tea I've ever had so far, the packaging to the tea blend , the Tea is authentic and has a unique flavour of its own , thankful to him who initiated such a tea brand!! That too from India..!!!🙂 Made me feel proud 🙂

  3. If Indian don't support to Indian products so i think foreign products should be in more high rate than indian products. And Govt should be impose high gst in foreign products , people will have to think about Indian products.

  4. I stumbled upon this looking for a gift. Amazing tea. Coming from a coffee addict, it is so delicious that i am going to afternoon tea instead of another mug of coffee now. Love that each of the workers have equity in the company, too.

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