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We are changing our business model, here's why


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  • Published On: 2022-05-11 20:30:29
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Ok so the crux of this is that we are changing from a traditional “dealer / distributor” model aka B2B (business-to-business) to a direct-to-consumer aka B2C (business-to-consumer) model. Much more info here:


***This will take several months. What this means today is that we are no longer accepting any orders from dealers or distributors, but we are still going to fill all of the orders already in our books. We’ll be pausing the sale of those pedals on our site until we’re all caught up.

You’ll see rolling availability over the next few months as we make the transition, but from that point on chasebliss.com will be the spot for all online sales.

Any new releases we might have in this time frame will be available right away on our site.


  1. I'm sitting here misty eyed, hugging my my Warped Vinyl MK1 and remembering all the times Joel and I emailed each other, just shoot'n the shit about weird ideas. Joel you are an amazing human. This is excellent news and I wish you all the luck in the world.

  2. Good for you! I think a D2C model will serve Chase Bliss very well. I’m a huge fan of your pedals – I own the Gravitas and the Warped Vinyl HiFi. I hope to own more, and keeping the prices close to where they are is the only way I’ll be able to hopefully get a Blooper and/or Habit someday. Not to mention the Dark/World. Keep making great pedals and running you business your way. Cheers!

  3. The Habit was already next on my list to acquire. Been super excited about it and after seeing this statement, I feel all the more stoked about giving you my money for yr awesome work. Yr Rad and I wish you the best!

  4. Boutique hardware, limited/special edition runs, high end experience. These are all good things for your business that you can leverage, and if you continue to deliver creativity, fun, and weirdness then I'll be glad to buy more of your pedals, maybe a eurorack module one day 😉

  5. I already like the odd pedals you make, this makes me want to save up to honor your commitment to your customers. I haven't purchased a pedal yet, but when I have the money, it will be one of yours that pops my pedal cherry. 🙂 Good luck and GOOD ON YOU FOR THIS! You're awesome man!

  6. I think you chose a path that not everyone would have. To me, it shows your commitment to integrity and vision. I'm sure this community will continue to support you and your company when such values are your guide star.

  7. The thermae inspired me to think outside outside the box when trying to imagine what effect pedals can do. Your thoughts concerning your business make complete sense to me. If anything this all makes me more excited and more proud to use and support chase bliss

  8. So much love and pride from a fan in Minneapolis! I went into Twin Town to buy a Habit on launch day, and it was so cool to see a line of people also waiting to pick up their Habits! Chase Bliss is one of the few pedal companies willing to chart into new musical territories, which is so refreshing. Looking forward to this next phase, y’all make inspiring products and are inspiring people, keep it up! We’re behind you!

  9. Great video, thanks so much for sharing all your thoughts with us. I got into Chase Bliss for all the weird stuff like Mood and Habit, and would love to see more like that in the future. ✌🏻&❤️

  10. Love how passionately you want to look after the people who already work for you and not become this thing where you lose that. More companies should work like you do. I live in the uk 🇬🇧 and recently had a problem with my blooper pedal. Dan Berndt took care of it all and in just under 3 weeks I got the pedal back and it’s fully working again. Thank you 🙏 love your company and your products.

  11. What a statement from the heart.
    Quality is always better than quantity.
    I will always support a company with such great ethics and produces such awesome equipment good and weird. I love my Chase Bliss pedals they help me so much creatively. I proudly own the warped vinyl, mood, habit and I love each one for what they do.
    Keep after it, keep striving & keep the love.
    People will always be there to support you.

  12. Thank you Joel for sharing your thoughts about this meaningful decision for your company. These are exciting news. I appreciate it a lot that you take care about your employees and the quality and innovative power of your company. This is why I love your company, and now even more. Unconditional growth of a business on the basis of just making more profit is not my thing. As you said, you are not making pedals for everyone. This is why you have a very faithful bunch of users all over the world. I am sure these people prefer to buy directly from you instead from some big shop.
    My best wishes for you and your people and Chase Bliss. "Let's just be weird together" 👍👍 👏👏

  13. My 100% support on this. The part i liked the most is the idea of preventing the company to go big just out of need. I like when the owner wants his company to feel right for the employees and to make the working environment good and healthy for them, which is very hard in these times. Kudos for this and much respect.

  14. Amazing to see – I’ve been working in music tech retails for years and the last few in particular have made me pretty sad for the exact same reasons you’ve addressed… particularly the race to the bottom with components. I’ve been thinking ‘the MI/MT retail industry is a house of cards’ non-stop (particularly this year), so to see the director of a company like Chase Bliss take that same line and actually do something direct to combat it is actually really refreshing.

    The economy of middlemen is stupid (and yep, that describes 95% of society generally). Well done, you have my dollar.

  15. Joel. I really love your videos and I love you too!. I have two Chase Bliss pedals so far, Darkworld and Thermae and I will of course be planning to get more. The pedals you make and the collaborators who help you achieve your visions are fantastic. I get the idea of the new business model and for one I will be staying with you all the way..doing it together. By the way, if you and or knobs are ever in Nagasaki, please drop by it would be awesome to hang out and see the sights, catch a bit of sushi, etc. Peace!

  16. I love your pedals. I just haven’t ever gotten around to buying any. because of the boutique prices.
    but – I am saving up, and finally ready to make the leap, for one of your Blooper Pedals.
    that one seems really unique. so I’m finally saving up for taking the plunge.

    thank you for your innovation and creativity – please – keep it going!
    despite not owning products from your brand – I still love your brand more than most pedal brands.

  17. So refreshing to hear that you’re going this route and specifically for these reasons. Growth for growth’s sake always seems to end up as a race to the bottom in which nobody ends up happy! We’d all be better off if more companies (in all sorts of industries) were to approach their work like this. 👏👏👏

  18. I’m new to guitar pedals. I saw some YouTube videos about habit and purchased it and loved it. So this past week I purchased a mood and blooper as well. I purchased them “brand new” from three different music stores on and online website.
    I didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t absolutely sure it was brand new. One had some paint imperfections and the user guide was a bit damaged. Only one of the three pedals came with little rubber feet. I can imagine store employees and customers could be playing around with these products, or perhaps someone’s return.
    So this is great news to hear about selling direct.
    Looking forward to purchasing more of your pedals new and hopefully rerelease.

    I’ve been enjoying doing some soundscapes and explorations by playing YouTube videos through them. There are sound effects for about anything on here.
    Thanks for making cool!

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