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Why I'm Never Tired


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  • Published On: 2021-06-09 20:00:02
  • Video Published/Author: Ali Abdaal
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In this video I’ll be going over 6 tips that have drastically improved my sleep quality and have contributed to more restful nights.

00:00 Intro
00:17 Keep a Kindle on the nightstand
01:04 Get a physical alarm clock
01:45 No caffeine after 2 PM
02:28 Get blackout curtains
03:00 Optimal sleeping temperature
03:43 The pilot’s strategy for falling asleep

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  1. Be serious, you can't be possibly sleeping in under 2 minutes no matter what. If you focus on your breathing, most likely you will be conscious about how you inhale and exhale, instead of relaxing your mind.

  2. Ali, what about people after 40? I don't drink tea or coffee, use blackout curtains, take care of my sleep schedule, go for a walk before bed and ensure cool air circulation in my room. I don't use phone in the evening and my phone is not in my bedroom all the time. I even read paper books in the evenings. But I'm older, so I'm getting tired much faster than in my 20s ir 30s and that sucks. Especially during PMS, when I'm constantly seeing nightmares, having sleep deprivation and looking like corpse and that sucks ten times more.

  3. Tips on how to be as energetic as Ali:
    1) be young
    2) be healthy
    3) don't have a chronic illness or condition
    4) have money so you can afford good healthcare, gym, physio, medicines, food
    5) don't have a job you've been doing for 20 or 40 years


  4. Did you realise you even mentioned having "productive sleep"…. Come on man.. What the hell is that… Sleep is sleep… It's not supposed to be measured according to our daily lives in terms of productivity…. Come on seriously??

  5. I'm terrified of the dark so sleep with a light on. I still sleep well, but at odd hours: my body clock is longer than 24hrs so I start going to bed later and later and getting up later and later, until I sleep the clock round and am getting up early again. I'm weird, I know.

  6. Guys, stop using your phones and PCs! Use Apps and software to block websites and your phones! Those simple action changed my life!
    App: Stay Focusd
    Software: Freedom
    I simply block entire periods of the day or limiting the usage of apps so I am staying productive!
    Since than I read a lot of books expanded my knowledge!
    Start with ATOMIC HABITS! One of the best books on habit changes! ☝️✌️😎

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