Why NITIN GADKARI is pushing GREEN HYDROGEN for Indian Industries : Green Hydrogen Case study – YouTube

Why NITIN GADKARI is pushing GREEN HYDROGEN for Indian Industries : Green Hydrogen Case study


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In march 2022, Nitin Gadkari sir surprised the entire nation as he arrived at the parliament in a hydrogen powered car!! And as soon as this happened, we all saw how viral this went on twitter!! and guess what this was not just gimmick but a clear indication to the people of India that Hydrogen fuel is the future!! Because its not just the govt, Mr. Mukesh Ambani is boldly investing into both blue and green hydrogen, Adani group is said to invest **$70 bn into renewable energy and aims to produce the cheapest hydrogen on earth and the Tata’s are already looking to build hydrogen buses for India!**

So the question is,

What is this Green hydrogen all about?

How is it going to play out in comparison to the lithium ion batteries?

and most importantly, as investors, what are the factors and challenges that you need to consider before investing into Green hydrogen related stocks!!

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  1. India's biggest automobile partners are Japan & S.Korea and both are investing in Hydrogen FCEVs so India must also invest in H-FCEVs.

    Renewable-Energy sources like Solar & Wind have intermittent issues & hence are only suitable for Green-Hydrogen production.

    If India wants to achieve its Neto-Zero Carbon emission Goals & that to without risking its development Goals then its important to invest in:-
    (1) Nuclear-Energy to generate upto 70% of its Electricity by year 2040.
    (2) Mass-Scale Green-Hydrogen production & Storage
    (3) Hydrogen-FCEVs

    Battery-EVs are only suitable for 2 & 3-Wheelers.

  2. NO .. NO … NO .. NO … NO.
    looks like the japanese guys brainwashed Nithins team. the IAS people are making a mistake.
    HYDROGEN is wrong choice. World will laugh at us.. if we double down on this.

  3. It is ironic that Nitin Gadkari come in a failed Hydrogen Car (Toyoa Mirai). Unsafe, inefficient and too heavy. However, in the near future the tech will definitely improve but someone should have told Gadkari saheb not to arrive in a flop car. But I guess most Indians don't know about this car.

  4. During my college years, my final year project was running vehicle engine on combined fuel of hydrogen and petrol. It was in 2007, so no companies were interested in this idea due to cost issues. Good to see that hydrogen production costs are coming down. More applications of hydrogen will be promoted in near future.

  5. Who are you man really? Where you getting access of so much info..?
    Hats off to your superb presentation whoever you are. So much impressed, and looking forward for further more info with evident facts.. Thank you bro.. Keep making such videos..

  6. He also pushed for ev and then so many incidents he is like a lawyer rather than minister, he makes comments people come up with solutions and when the solution fails he just put all the blame on the companies and duck the questions. He is still hasn't answered the question about how the EV batteries were tested as per the Indian road standard. Another point, building the infrastructure, it almost 8 years still waiting to see any benifit of that only the toll tax are getting higher, road are getting sold to private companies, fare are getting higher.

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