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Why People Fall Prey to Social Swindlers


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  • Published On: 2022-03-03 19:56:18
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What if we told you that you are more vulnerable to a con than you think?
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
Why People Fall Prey to Social Swindlers?
Why do we get scammed?
What are the characteristics of a scammer?
How do Social Swindlers operate?
What is the mindset of a scammer?
How do you trick a scammer?
Can a scammer fall in love with you?
How do you outsmart a romance scammer?
How can you tell a romance scammer?

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Tale as Old as Time
02:13 – Pride Comes Before the Fall
05:31 – How They Get You
09:39 – The Age of Social Media
11:16 – Question

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  1. I watched both Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna and currently watching the Dropout on Hulu about Theranos. I'm not sure how will a movie about theranos in a few years will do regarding Bad Blood. It's going to have to end up on streaming as nobody would pay money to go to a theater for a dramatized documentary. And it feels like Apple is missing the whole striking while the iron is hot thing.

  2. Scammers use 6 universal principles of influence to get what they want:
    1. Reciprocity : when someone does something good for you, no matter how small, you feel indebted to them.
    2. Consistency : we want to be reliable as this is a trait we value in others. That’s why when we make a decision, we tend to stick with it. We rationalise and justify our actions to be in line with that of the initial decision.
    3. Social proof : we rationalise what’s going on and even get others involved. This is how pyramid businesses, MLM marketing and Ponzi schemes get you. They get people to act as ambassadors to show you their success.
    4. Liking : they pretend to be you and contact your friends to scam them.
    5. Authority : we are more likely to say yes to someone we perceive as powerful or wealthy, which is why pose as executives, rich people or government agents. They take advantage of our respect or fear of authority figures.
    6. Scarcity : when someone you love is in danger, you don’t think straight.

  3. Con artists exhibit three key negative personality traits:
    1. Psychopathy
    2. Narcissism
    3. Machiavellianism
    These are called the dark triumph.
    They lack empathy or remorse.
    They’re manipulative and will go to any extent to get what they want.
    They’re extremely self entitled.
    The most effective scammers use psychology and social engineering to their advantage.

  4. “Scammers prey on people’s trust, greed and hope”
    Protecting yourself from a con requires more than just the techniques they use to get you.
    You need to see the signs of the scam itself, not only the scammer.

  5. I have learned nearly through firsthand experience that falling for scams is easier in today's Age of Information than harder. Between misinformation and just too much information, a "too good to be true" opportunity can affect us more quickly than we think. Pyramid schemes disguised as business opportunities look quite attractive when our psychic state is shaky.

  6. People are most likely to fall for scams because they're too attracted of the monetary value at stake, without them knowing that nothing easy to get is really worth having.. I hope people will stop resorting to wrong methods in order to be wealthy, and instead do actual and genuine efforts in order to earn money..

  7. A friend of mine was taken for some big dollars. This occurred by the scammer building trust as a workman at her home over a period of years. The scamming took place from fictious hospital bed calls to her. After bilking a lot of money from her under the guise of needing it for life saving surgeries, one day he was seen making one of those calls to her by a friend of hers. And that was how she found out she had been scammed. She took him to court, and over a period of miserable years in the lawsuit he was finally incarcerated, however she never got any of her money back because he spent all of it, and on things unretrievable.

  8. What I'm interested in are
    1. How to not get caught by scammers.
    2. How to develop their skills and methods to get influence, but to do good things: help people, help the planet.
    Surely, we can help ourselves and others by stealing their scammer ways (some of them, not the bad parts).
    The six psychology points are known to sales people.

  9. Are you part of a religion?
    Do you give money to your religious org: church, temple, mosque?
    You've been scammed, I've been scammed.

    I've also been scammed by other scammers.
    I once bought a really good smartphone from a cheap supplier in China. No, I just gave them my money.
    I'm sure other scams too.

    I've also paid lots for coaches that others said were scammers. I actually got results. It's hard to tell.

    Dark triad, wow! Those are powerful personality traits! Great for becoming successful, bad for the world. So I can see how those traits would stick around, as the genes get copied lots, to the detriment of humanity and the whole planet.
    "I'm really important and so is my work, so I can pollute the Earth, use and kill however many plants, animals, people I need to."
    Maybe a bit of a strawman.

    Many countries have elected governments that scammed a crap out of them.
    Russia, USA, the UK, South Africa, most African countries, all South American countries.
    Probably every country multiple times.

  10. I have a neighbor that got scammed out of $40K by a lady who lived in another country over 2-years, her whole family was in on it. Sadly, he purchased her an airline ticket to come stay with him permanently. She never showed up at the airport that’s when he finally realized she scammed him.

  11. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  12. So many scams here in Australia that I expect to be targeted eventually. Meanwhile, I delete spam email, cut off YouTube ads when I can, especially the ones with vague promises and ridiculous statements, and never turn off my answering machine.

  13. The ALUX lifestyle is a scam. You post stock footage so we have no idea you are real or worth as much as you claim. Your seminar says “we are busy working with those who made the investment” on the link!? Oh, as an aspiring future billionaire I was busy saving money to pay for rent and the class. It’s an online seminar…virtual! Use the media platform to allow more accessibility to those still aspiring and perspiring! I enjoy the videos, but “success is measured not so much by the position one has reached as by the obstacles that have been overcome.” So, fellow ALUX community – BE HAPPY with your progress and don’t let ALUX tell you that nice outfit you want and NEED for work that’s on sale, but a timeless style is wrong.

  14. Very cool video. I’m investing into crypto and let me tell you that since the beginning of 2021 around 500 people have messaged me telling me about investment opportunities with massive returns like 300% APY. Trying to be sneaky asking me to put my nmonic phrases on their website so I can get free crypto or stake to get big returns all scammers it’s crazy I’m a witness to all this!!!

  15. These scammers are getting bolder,slicker and more sophisticated by the day.They are determined to take advantage of unsuspecting folks.Thankfully there's something called retributive "JUSTICE".

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