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Why Time Management does not work - and what to do instead


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In this video I am talking about why time management does not work. As an Ex-McKinsey consultant, I will tell you what to do instead. Time management is a whole industry with lots of techniques, courses and coaches that want to teach you what you need to do to better manage your time. In consulting it is required to get lots of things done in a short amount of time. But what time management techniques do management consultants use to organize their day? Improve your time management skills, I will teach you my time management tips that will also help for time management for students. I also talk about my study time at University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and what time management skills I used. These are my time management tips for working professionals.

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Why Time Management does not work
02:43 What really makes a difference
04:08 My experience in university and consulting
06:18 Tips to improve your time management
10:01 Wrap-up

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  1. I actually prefer not to overload myself at all. So I’ve instead tried to pack a bunch of tasks into a smaller amount of time, sort of scheduling some “rush” periods, and tried to get the same effect.

  2. The more of your videos I watch, the better I like you! You really are a big help – not only as an orientation for my way into Management Consulting, but also as a personal advisor in terms of personal growth and mindset. Love it!

  3. Hi Heinrich, can you make a video on how to track your to dos, cause I still struggle keeping track of all my work with different deadline etc… How do you handle it ? Do you use checklist, eisenhower matrix or something else? Best,

  4. I remember when I was in my bachelor's in uni and was spending my time in a rowing team on the side, my performance at uni actually improved when the training load increased. Less time to Netflix and a more rigid structure to the day drove my performance. High performance sports also taught me important lessons on performance, which helps with time-management. When the external pressure of an upcoming race was increasing, my old coaches would increase the internal pressure far beyond that level. We would clock all our times and race against other crews in the club with unrealistic handicaps (e.g. let them have a large head start). The result is that the output on race day is much higher, as the pressure on that day is safely in your comfort zone. That can also be applied to classwork: when I had exams, I would train myself in a more high-pressure environment. For example, I would do the practice problems and time myself, but more strictly than on an exam. For a problem that I would give myself 10 minutes for on the exam, I would give myself only 5 minutes during studying. The result is higher performance on your exams and in class, meaning in the long run you do not need to spend as much time on studying or repetition. Focus on being used to high-level performance and you will suddenly have more time in your day simply by being more effective.

  5. Nice to-the-point video. I agree that the more one takes on the more the pressure there is and so more will get done, however I think it's important as well to keep in mind the focus on priorities and how these contribute to achieving one's goals through a strategy, not to get too scattered along the way.

  6. Yes! Create external comitments! So true! Whenever someone at work makes a suggestion that we try something new, I always say, lets each make a proposal for how this new thing would work, and schedule a meeting to review the proposals in 2 weeks. Then you have to create it by that date to discuss it. Always works to actually implement ideas that would otherwise stay as vague suggestions because everybody has other priorities.

  7. Great video. This is my 2nd time watching it because i am under very high workload and stress at work. So this helps. However: does this mean it is ok to regularly work late hours, weekends, etc? especially that i am not a junior anymore and just had a baby. Or should i commit to finish work every day at a reasonable time and not work on w.e. ? and only work late/w.e. exceptionally? Some people actually use this rule to limit their work hours and keep free time off work for family etc as a technique to create more pressure at work to get everything done on time… do you agree? Thanks

  8. This video resonates so much with me! I remember this little snippet I heard recently:
    “Interviewer: Do you work well under pressure”
    “Me: Yes, because If there is no pressure I won’t work”

  9. you majored in philosophy so you learned logic. this video is about why time management doesn't work…but at the end of the video you recommend people buy your wife's book on time management. huh?

  10. You make very good points. Parkinson law is real and having an accountability partner works. I like the idea of getting more on your plate/overcommitting as a personal growth hack.
    I can't use calendar blocking to save my life but I have found the pomodoro technique to be useful and fun to use. Its main benefit, for me, is that it puts you in a flow mode which is motivating. I am not sure you necessarily accomplish more but you do "feel" like you are more productive. And more zen. So maybe it is nice way to manage your energy and mindset.

  11. Hey Heinrich, I'm 25 just started as a jr.Consultant in a small Consultancy in Switzerland and wondered, if you have some advice for managing the work life balance. With my friends still doing their Masters and living the student life, me dating a younger girl and in general engaging with ppl who do have a completely different work and time table. What is your advice in that regard? How did you plan you free time? KR David

  12. The problem is on what you focus – quality will suffer if you compress time or increase task scope. Nowadays, often the Pareto principle is praised – 80% quality is good enough. However, if you value quality goods and want to produce them like a medieval craftsmen then your focus must shift from crazy workload to crazy attention to detail. And craftsmanship is on the rise again…

  13. Pouring more gasoline onto raging fire rarely helps my dear Heinrich.
    What you are doing with this time (mis)management is beckoning to illness.

    This is what I suggest.
    1. Understand your goal,
    2. Find/create a way to achieve it while enjoining the way you are achieving it. If you can't enjoy it, pick the one with the least resistance.
    3. Review 1 && 2

  14. Hey Heinrich love your videos! What do you think about the idea of overloading yourself with work vs. the [maybe industry myth] of “burning out”? (Also I don’t know if you’ve made a video about “burning out” yet but I woudl love to watch it! I hear it talked about a lot and I think it’s bs

  15. I can’t fully agree with the recommendations. Productivity may start fighting with quality, multitasking may lead to loosing focus. So better count on your personal experience. To me better take focus on 2 things, but do it in a shorter timeframe then have multiple small activities. Also there should be some breaks between high load periods so that you can slower down and take a rest before run one more sprint))) but with deadlines pressure – it works for sure.

  16. I almost never dislike videos, but this is an exclusion. I dislike it in hope other people would see it less. If you did not burn out yet or had a heat attack and truly following these ‘tips’, you will be there soon.

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