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Why You Should Aim to Fail Quickly


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  • Published On: 2022-02-21 23:15:16
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Lessons from failing quickly. Aim to fail fast!
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
How do I stop being afraid of failure?
Why do we fear of failure?
Is Kakorrhaphiophobia the fear of failure?
Does fear cause procrastination?
Is fear of failure a good thing?
How common is fear of failure?
What does God say about fear of failure?
What is the fear of disappointing others called??
How do you clear your fears?
How does failure affect mental health?
Why do I always think I will fail?
How does failure affect a person?
Why do I fear embarrassment?
Does fail fast work?
Who said fail fast?
What is a fail fast culture?
Why is it important to fail fast?
Is it better to fail quickly or fail less often?
What is fast fail approach?
What is the overall mindset behind fail fast fail often?
What is fail fast and fail safe?
What is fail fast in AWS?
What is fail fast fail cheap?

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    trader that can help me trade and make good profit, Ive been seeing so many recommendations but i don't think they're trusted. Please do you have any recommendation?

  2. This is great. Programming teaches you by default that failure is a part of the process. The part where you say ideas aren’t isolated events is aptly put. One of my best ideas came after coding something I eventually scrapped—the good idea came from the rubble of that failed project.

  3. I wanted to become a CEO at School and i fail at it because the reason is it is because i have communication issues meaning i am not good at communicating with others and i am someone that always isolate my self ever single day and the second reason is back then i was not smart enough to become a (CEO or meaning A Chef Executive officer, not a Chef Education officer) and i say to my self "instead of bing a CEO of a Company may be i can be my Own boss by being a content creator Or an online business entrepreneur/a content creator on the social media" and then that's when i drop out of school to do the things, that can make me become a successful person

  4. That voice is unbearable. I'm interested in the content but I always have to stop after 1 minute because of the voice.
    It's so superficial, so fake. That condenscending tone is extremely cringy.
    That's why your channel cannot go up.
    I'm probably not the only one who can't stand that voice. Please change it and make your content valuable.

  5. Reminds me of Jackie Chan and Aamir Khan when they've experienced strings of flops in the beginning of their respective movie careers. They nearly gave up until they discovered what they must do. For Jackie Chan, he used his training in Chinese opera and acrobatics plus comedic timing as his signature style in the kung fu movies he starred in instead of mimicking Bruce Lee's moves and the rest is history. Aamir Khan on the other hand, paid attention to the quality of the script or story and studied the nature of each character and story itself and has them rehearsed and executed. Plus, he became hands on with every project and gave himself about one or two years break, thus giving his audience stellar quality films that were also marketed overseas eventually. He even said that he gives importance to the films that succeeded, but gives more value and importance to those that failed miserably.

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