Zomato’s SECRET Plan to Become Profitable: Zomato Hyperpure Business Case Study – YouTube

Zomato’s SECRET Plan to Become Profitable: Zomato Hyperpure Business Case Study


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  • Published On: 2021-11-19 19:45:13
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Video Introduction:
Zomato went ipo in on 14th July 2021! and while most of us only know zomato as food delivery start up which is losing 100s of cr with each passing quarter, very few of us know how exactly is Zomato going to become profitable! But you know what? In the past 2 years, Zomato has made some critical investments that can turn it into a profitable company! The best part is that the profits of this investment will be immediately visible by next year itself, watch this video to know how?

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Study Materials
1. https://ttape.in/wJeTtVH6Okb
2. https://the-ken.com/story/zomato-hyperscales-hyperpure/
3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10js6kRsFAYeUJo5RsVw8-ht5Pzk3UmnU/view?usp=sharing

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  1. these food delivery app have raised huge fund from chinese companies, where they may have internal pressure to handle in this way and follow chinas debt trap in local business as govt is not accepting. comming to food delivery both swiggy and zomato has raised their commision on both hotel and custumer end its better to get it from hotel other then ordering from app. now a days there are few frauds done by delivery boys using latest cancellation policy.

  2. This video appears to be sponsored. I always had high regards for the content and neutral opinion of your topics, but this is biased video. Further, All the non core investments which zomato is doing…infact conflict of interest with Mr goyals personal investments too. The capital markets are a great leveler. All the people cannot be fooled All the time!!!

  3. I would like to add some points as a delivery person with Zomato.
    I have delivered food to a person in a remote location 12 km away from the restaurant ordered from her daughter in a foreign location at the peak time. Is it possible for any restaurant to do the same I don't think so.
    Don't forget birthday cakes. Sweets and other goodies delivered to your loved ones via Zomato in less than two hours times was it possible before.
    The payment may not be good but it provides employment opportunity to anyone and flexibility to work at your convenient was this type of work possible before no it was not.
    A newly opened restaurant has access to different customer in 12 km ratio of the location, the restaurant can be a cloud kitchen & could be located in a remote location . They don't have to look after any supply ,as Zomato with supplied them all the raw materials.
    It could be a lazy Sunday morning or a busy day at the work, no matter the price we are all going to fire up the app to get the food delivered at the house from any restaurant listed.
    Obviously Zomato or swiggy model is here to stay and nothing will stop them from profitability

  4. Another bullshit.
    U don’t know the reality.
    There is no way u can get inventory management in raw material for restaurants.
    I think u r living in an imaginary world.
    After I saw ur Bharat pe video I am 100% sure that ur research is bullshit.
    Bharat pe’s model is also failing because of fraudulent business model.

    So please stop feeding bullshit.

  5. As there are multiple types of raw materials and needs different types of strategies for procuring, this won't be easy. As the local suppliers have different strategies. It seems that the philosophy is only good on papers.

  6. Getting groceries from Zomato by restaurant is easy but payment by restaurant to Zomato is very big question
    I think it will work for people to buy at basic rates like getting groceries at less prices not for restaurant s

  7. Zomato is a business… Which is trying to make profit. That doesn't mean that's a bad thing. For gods sake, they are a business.

    They are not making you buy food forcefully. It's a democratic system. You order food if you want. otherwise don't.

    And video – "Zomato exposed" Like they are doing something wrong.

    You are making your bread and butter by making a video on them. So let's respect everyone. Cause making such a big business and nailking it…. Is a big thing and very very hard.

  8. Zomato is going to have to invest a lot more when it comes to contracting farm hands and farm lands. Most of them are already being invested in other companies like Aashirvaad, MDH, MORE etc. It's not going to be easy competing with them. On the other hand, a company like MDH or Elite can easily start a Zomato variant.

  9. This is way better, simpler, practical and to the point than the boring outdated case study sessions I had during my full time MBA in NMIMS Mumbai. I had learnt zero from my whole MBA case study sessions spread over 2 years, whereas just one video of think school has given so much! Even the paid promotion seems worth thinking about

  10. Ii am restaurant owner 43% of my revenue is eaten by Zomato as advertising cost and commission but still it is not profitable. I order very few items from Zomato less than 15% of my inventory purchase because there is bonding with old suppliers and it is hard to break with them as of now they are giving us a little discount after acquiring the market they will increase price as these big giant companies are not trustworthy as they did with commissions earlier is used to give 12% as commissions now 28%+gst and advertising cost also. They are giving some items in low cost but buying whole from them is not good we have seen them at charging commissions.

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