🔴 Crypto में Luna (Terra) भांडा फुटा ! Wazirx Big Announce ! Crypto news | Cryptocurrency|Nirmala ji – YouTube

🔴 Crypto में Luna (Terra) भांडा फुटा ! Wazirx Big Announce ! Crypto news | Cryptocurrency|Nirmala ji

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  1. Can we all appreciate this platform above for taking the time to help everyone out there by making our lives better with his trading platform. Cause this guys never fail to put smile on our faces. Guys they deserve the best in life you all support them no matter what we all love you and I wanna thank you so much for being there always and been Amazing

  2. they cant do anything now as everything is handled by computer so their supply will alaways going to increase to infinity and price will keep going down to infinity only thing they can do now is close the blockchain introduced new coin with reseted fresh blockchain if they do this then they might give free airdrops of new token to old toekn holders!

  3. Mujhe luna ne kal hi 10000 ka chuna lda diya jabhi uske chakkar me mujhe vet, shiba bttc & doge ko poora sell kr diya aise project ke karan hi crypto badnaam h isliye govt ese regulate nhi krna chahti

  4. Ye channel wala kabi iska white paper ka bareme bataya nai
    Supply ke bare me bataya nai
    Or abhi gyan pel raha ki koi b coin lene se pahele white paper deko
    Supply deko
    Sab dek ke lena chaiye
    Itna din g mara raha ta
    Sirf YouTube me video dalke kamana hai to nanga naach karke kama le
    Logo ko chutya banake kamane se acha
    Sabi lok ye wrost crypto channel lo unsubscribe karo
    Or aise chutiya log se dur raho..

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