An URGENT Warning For ALL Crypto Investors – YouTube

An URGENT Warning For ALL Crypto Investors

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  • Published On: 2022-03-06 21:14:06
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Today we look at the biggest crypto trading mistake many will make. Bitcoin’s future is uncertain… and crypto investors need to be careful right now. Could there be a massive sell-off soon? Bitcoin should be the safe haven in these uncertain times, but why is the price of BTC still dropping? Find out what might happen if the war continues or evolves into a larger conflict.

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  1. “Russia doesn’t have the resources….”

    Anyone who has played Risk can clearly see what is going on. When you wanted to attack a country on one side of your border, you ally with your neighbor (re: China) while you expand on the front you want to attack. China will be more than happy to because once Russia expends its energy in Ukraine and then amounts a front on Baltic states and possibly NATO aligned countries, it will be presented with a weak neighbor it can easily control.

    This can be corroborated by the stances China has taken, including sharing intel delivered by the US about Russia TO Russia.

    Or I could be wrong.

  2. No one has known what's happening with bitcoin since the beginning. Everyone thought it would have crashed completely 10 yrs ago. Made me scared to lose money so I sold. Then bam it hits 68k and I get the urge to slap people like this. I should have bought more not sold. Two , if we get into ww3 I'm not gonna need currency. So screw it. Buy buy buy.

  3. We are toward the end of times don't invest all there is going to be is added rules and restrictions there is war happening all over the world's which will get worser so save your money and stay away from crypto unless you have money to play with

  4. İf Amerika Goes onworld war there ll not be a market anymore Usa Far from russia only 88 km away and russia has 4600 nuklear bombs . I cant believe you have 1.4 million followers u know nothing jon snow

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