Attention Bitcoin Holders: It Could Get MUCH WORSE – YouTube

Attention Bitcoin Holders: It Could Get MUCH WORSE

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  • Published On: 2022-05-17 00:30:30
  • Video Published/Author: Crypto Crew University
  • Video Duration: 00:21:53
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Attention Bitcoin Holders: It Could Get MUCH WORSE

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0:00 Intro
2:54 4 Year Cycle
3:06 Stochastic RSI
4:15 2018
4:36 2014
4:50 2022
5:46 Mega Crash
6:36 3 Day Death Cross
7:37 NVT+HV
9:54 30k Level
10:06 Market Structure
14:52 40k Level
15:44 Bear Flag
18:38 Gaussian Channel
19:19 Dragonfly Doji

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  1. Very good advice, Bitcoin is a get rich slow scheme, people have the casino mentality. AS you said; just DCA buy now and in 3 years you'll look like a superhero, as others will be buying only then! 😀

  2. Hi Steve thx for sharing your knowlege with your followers. Cant wait for your next y tube vidio. The info give a person time to work out our next strategy to accumilate more shares on the crash. Cant thank you enough just a pitty whe only get it 2 days after you place them on y tube.
    Take care God bless you for helping us to not make the same mistaked you did. Regards from ZAR.

  3. bitcoin will go down more with whole market till 15 k atleast mark my words now is summer many projects scammed people like luna so people not going to invest people dont trust and bielieve in that , i will come back when bitcoin will be around 15 k guys ! see you soon!

  4. I've invested 25k in crypto the last 6 months, it's worth 13k right now. What should I do now? Sell and wait till it drops further and then buy, or should I do nothing and just HODL? I really don't know, I feel i've lost 50% from my savings already, altough I've still have all the coins. 🙁

    Buying the dip is not possible for me, I do not have any money left te spend, well.. not for crypto though. Can you tell me whether it's possible to get rich within 10 years from now with my 13k in my portofolio or not? Please give me some advice.

  5. Great video Steve! I gotta say, you called it with this current crash that we're in. If only I had more cash to throw into the marketnright now!! 😭 Oh we, even small amounts will be a great position when we head into the next bull run 🚀

  6. I have a couple of issues with your predictions. First, you are basing your analysis on past price action. However it seems a bit like cherry-picking, because in the past we also had monumental bull markets with blow off tops and insane altcoin gains – if the cycle top was last November then we have not seen all this. So who's to say all the bearishness will repeat exactly as last time? And second, Bitcoin is already severely lagging on the price that the stock-to-flow model suggests that should be now. So you are suggesting it's gonna lag even more?

  7. Thanks for your content Steve, I always appreciate it. Just a thought, could it be that the MA cross is post action due to declining global market conditions so might be already priced in?
    BTC could be closing it's 8th weekly red candle in a row this week. Also BTC never hit the support of previous cycle peak. These have never happened before, but either way watch this space. Your thoughts?
    Keep up the good work.

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