BEWARE: Bitcoin FAKE PUMP then MEGA CRASH (Price Targets) – YouTube

BEWARE: Bitcoin FAKE PUMP then MEGA CRASH (Price Targets)

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  • Published On: 2022-04-20 02:00:02
  • Video Published/Author: Crypto Crew University
  • Video Duration: 00:12:56
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BEWARE: Bitcoin FAKE PUMP then MEGA CRASH (Price Targets)

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  1. Thanks for your analysis, I won’t be selling any BTC, but have limit orders in down to 20k in case it does happen, of course if it does it will be a spike down on some fake news, we know the whales are into BTC and that’s the game they have played for decades, fake up, big down, real up, try to scare the retail investors out, so they can buy in and then move it up to the next zone without the retail in the market.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I use different TA and it says the exact same thing. I am thinking maybe it will move to about the half way point in the channel, the break the bottom, retest and it's down, down, down. I do hope it gets up to 50k before the crash though. Great opportunity to make some serious cash!!

  3. Thank you Steve. I was already 50% out prior to your video. But after watching you I am 75% out planning on in 10 days if we go up some to sell some more since I believe before any serious up we will see BTC 20-25k range!

  4. be prepared for everything. if it goes down, buy more. if it starts to go up a lot, take some profits. dont try to time the market. most important thing: dont listen to traders, 90+% of them lose money. think long term and you will sleep well.

  5. In 2028 you had a descending wedge, that is bullish, but went down. You also forgot to mention that the end of bull run was caused by CEXes ont managing the number of new people coming into the space.

    I am not even talking about BTC manipulations that make TA worthless.

  6. The best way to make money is to teach other how to lose money with trading. I know of a lot of millionaires HODLing their coins for years but none getting there with trading. Think about it 😉

  7. I agree with Joey: everything about your videos is perfect. Don't change anything. It's normal to have haters because either they are envious of your ability, jealous of your success or they are moonboys.

  8. Hey Steve, when I measure the downward target with the pole from 67k to 35k ish, and breakout point at around 40k, I get a sub 10k target… could it be your target of 20k is incorrect because you have set chart to logarithmic scale? Thanks in advance.

  9. Nice video Steve. I'm a student and have loved your courses. Quick question, what about the other fact as well that we could be in a massive ascending triangle on the monthly timeframe? I think that is also something to make note of & pay attention to for the bullish case scenario. As always, we stay disciplined & wait for a breakout either way (:

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