Bitcoin crash to $22k in June and $16.5k in Aug 2022 – YouTube

Bitcoin crash to $22k in June and $16.5k in Aug 2022

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I show why I expect bitcoin to bottom around $22k late June and the absolute bitcoin bottom could be late July through early August 2022. In the last video I told you it was possible bitcoin price could pump to around $43k but that would be the top before btc price started dropping. That target was hit exactly and then we had a major drop, this is also where I put in my short and shared my entry, stop loss and take profit In discord and on twitter. These custom bitcoin charts and my technical price analysis show key support and resistance levels as well as price targets to long, short, buy and sell bitcoin for swing trading. These targets are crucial if you are trading bitcoin with futures and using leverage to trade. My 2022 bitcoin prediction is we have entered a bear market with the indices and bitcoin. My charts show the bitcoin crash and capitulation has already started and bitcoin has not bottomed. Every bitcoin pump is just another bull trap before a much larger dump and btc price continues crashing to much lower targets. The 2022 bitcoin bull run is over and I will not be bullish on bitcoin until we have tested the 200wma or 300wma. Until then I remain bearish!

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Epic Move for Bitcoin in about 8 days!

The 2022 Bitcoin Capitulation and crash has begun!

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This is not financial advice! these are only my views and opinions of where I think the market may be headed. Crypto Currency is a very risky asset, always do your own research before ever considering investing or making a trade.

  1. Steve your full of shit you know why coz your putting a time on it. Just like you did a few months ago for your 14k btc that should have happened time ago which didnt. Just say your bearish dont crystal ballls yoyr shit

  2. We could touch 200 week moving average in a few weeks or months, thats around 22k, there is a lot of stablecoins on exchanges waiting for buy summer low around 29k, and next possible step is 200wma, so i think 16k is too low, but 22k is possible, +- few k

    Great video, thank you

  3. This makes zero sense, do you honestly believe the big parties who bought over $500 million worth of btc over the past months are gonna risk that kind of money, they have analyzed every possible scenario, and sub 35k isn't an option for them, below 35k not possible mate

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