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In this video, I’ll show you my Cardano price prediction and analysis of where we could see ADA in the next few days. I will give an exact prediction of where we will most likely drop, but also not fall below. I really believe right now is a great time to get a long trade set up with our metrics!

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We will also look at the following Cardano Metrics:

– Cardano Emotional Index
– Cardano Long vs. Short Trades
– Cardano Market Cap Strength
– Cardano Trading Risk Today
– Cardano Whale and Institutional Smart Money
– Cardano Dollar Cost Average (Buys)
– Cardano Best Trade Setup Today

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This video IS NOT financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. These are my personal opinions. For entertainment purposes only. Always do your own research and consult a financial advisor before investing.

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  2. Easily one of your more confusing videos. You completely contradicted yourself (price is going to drop off your first indicators, then you like at smart money and so they are buying and it’s going to rise

  3. Been following since since September had lower entries on buys. Ada has been a nightmare. We are getting a 3day deathcross in next 48 hours. Spare yourselfs we are heading to .36-.51 don’t buy it’s going a lot lower so is Btc

  4. I've bought cardano all the way down at 78 cents. If cardano goes below 78 cents I'll buy alot more. I'm just hodling my cardano and staking it until I have enough money to pay off my mortgage.

  5. Your audio plostive sounds are really coming through on your p's a b's. Better pop filter or back up off that mic a few inches 😀 PS been using your indicators to range trade AAVE. Did great this week. Picked some up Monday at $160, sold it off today at $195.

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