Crypto Alert: Luna Triggers The Worst Crash In Crypto History! – YouTube

Crypto Alert: Luna Triggers The Worst Crash In Crypto History!

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  • Published On: 2022-05-12 14:23:25
  • Video Published/Author: Ryan Matta
  • Video Duration: 03:44:40
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Crypto Alert: Luna Triggers The Worst Crash In Crypto History! The crypto Black Swan Event is Upon Us! Carl the Moon Boys and Bitboy Madoff with Your Crypto!

0:00 Crypto Alert Live
5:00 Luna UST Unpegged
10:00 Crypto Black Swan Event
15:00 Bitcoin Price Predictions

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  1. I bought Luna when it was 5 bucks and rode it to 75 bucks. When I sold I felt that it was a bit too soon but I'm glad I wasn't late in selling. I had a bunch of free shit coins too, sold them and took a long on btc as it's over sold. Also longing gold.

  2. Thanks Ryan for this man, the only YouTuber keeping it real warming is about the dump while every other YouTube is telling you the markets going up cuz of this dumb triangle formation they made up. Keep keeping it real Ryan 💯!!!

  3. I've observed this space for a couple of years and whilst I'm no expert in crypto economics, I'm pretty decent at observation evaluating correlations of information being presented and seeing through the gaps. You spearheading as close to a true approach as possible and a very small handful of others are all there is in this space. Thank you for doing what you do bro. I know you're doing well off the back of this space but the key thing is you're profession is videography and digital creation. You've displayed so much transparency and have endlessly marched through doing you and not playing the game to charlatan frauds pulling the wool over people's eyes. It was only after watching your conservative approach last year, learning a bit more and you calling out the BS as you saw it that I made some half decent gains. In this bare market I'll be schooling up and applying those methods you have rolled out. Thank you for your help. Big love to you bro. Respect to you for keeping it real 🙏

  4. I'm hopeful for Kadena since i'm heavily invested into it, but I'm also going to invest in Flare network when it launches in July since i'm hearing and reading great things about it. I think these 2 will be must holds for the next bull run and for years to come.

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