CRYPTO MINING GARAGE UPDATE – Layout Plan, Security and More – YouTube

CRYPTO MINING GARAGE UPDATE - Layout Plan, Security and More

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  • Published On: 2022-03-19 19:12:06
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CRYPTO MINING GARAGE UPDATE – Layout Plan, Security and More

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✔️Test Bench I use -Cooler Master 700
✔️6 GPU Motherboard (Intel) ASUS Prime Z390-P LGA1151
✔️CPU I Use- (Intel) Celeron G4930 Desktop Processor 2 Core 3.2 GHz LGA1151
✔️7 Inch Monitor for Mining
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✔️Risers (6 pack) 8 Capacitors0 Version 9S
✔️USB 3.0 sticks MicroCenter (5 pack)
✔️16 Gigs Rams(2x8GB) 3200MHz TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB – White
✔️Mining Frame- 6/8 GPU- “Vetta frame”
✔️Cheap Ram -Most used 8 gigs
✔️16 Gig Gig RAM (AMD) (2 x 8GB) Skill Flare DDR4 3200
✔️Intel i3/i5/i7 LGA115x CPU Heatsink and Fan E97379-003
✔️RGB Fans- Asiahorse 120mm
✔️Antec 120mm Case Fan, PC Case Fan High
✔️FormulaMod Sleeve Extension Power Supply Cable Kit 18AWG ATX 24P+ EPS 8-P+PCI-E8-P with Combs for PSU to Motherboard/GPU
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✔️Cheap Keyboard and Mouse
✔️Electronic Digital Caliper for Thermal Pads
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 0.5mm
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 1mm
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 1.5mm
✔️Thermalright Thermal Pads 2mm
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✔️Watt Voltage Amps Meter
✔️SSD Quick Copier/Burner
✔️Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 20 ft White
✔️Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 25 ft White Flat
✔️Outdoor Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 100ft
✔️18 Inch Fan

  1. the location you're at isn't safe i guess you should put some cameras or an alarm to make sure only authorized people are allowed
    i wished you could built it inside your home zone like your garden
    (that's my opinion)
    i like your project keep it up

  2. Nice vid, man! I got accepted to be a volunteer at the show but don't know if I'll be able to make it (I live in PA). I'd make the deadbolt hole longer, you could always get security cameras too. With your exhaust fans, I'd make sure they're reinforced because someone would be able to knock them in, like an AC in a window. You could also just vent up and out. Solar would be a cool option for there. 400 amps is alot, I'd do it if I could. Then again, even 100 amps extra is a lot to me, considering each 30amp 240v is capable of about 7200 watts, so about 5500-6000 watts at the 80% rule, enough for 2 S19s every 30amps. Have you thought of immersion mining there? So you wouldn't have to worry about air flow and heat as much besides the building itself getting hot.
    -keep up the good work, we're rooting for ya!

  3. Take a look at this youtuber for some better vent ideas…. &

    As general rule of thumb you need 1sq ft of louvers both on the intake and exhaust sides for every 600 to 700 cfm of air you want to push through the space. There are plenty of calculators on the web to figure out how much heat is generated by the watts used. Then you can figure out how many CFM you need to keep the rigs at reasonable operating temps. Personally, I'd plan for no more than a 10 degree rise on your exhaust temps since you are running GPUs. If your summer highs don't get above 90, then you might get away with a 15 to 20 degree rise between intake and exhaust.

    BTW: reinforce that door jam/deadbolt with some metal unless you are planning to donate your farm to criminals. Pretty easy to kick in a wood frame door….

  4. I would put steel reinforcement plate for the deadbolt. Not hard for someone wanting to bust in to just splinter that wood door frame. But at the end of the day, locks are just to keep honest people out. Looking forward to seeing this whole thing come together, gonna be pretty awesome!

  5. Oh I'd say since heat naturally rises u can cut vents in the roof with exhaust fans. Itd save on electricity as well. less need to move air cause it naturally rises. Also itd be harder for a stranger to peak in thru the exhaust if it's on the roof lol and for the hole if ur concerned a creature might live/might be under there u can throw a few smoke Bombs under to weed em out then pour concrete down the hole to fill it up. If u block it they will just keep going under the block. But then again the heat is gonna cause animals to want to burrow for the heat so idk maybe some sort of animal deterrent of some sort for the long run. Just ideas. Much love brother! Cant wait to see what u decide to do! Its gonna be glorious!

  6. Dude that is awesome! Make sure to reinforce the back area of the exhaust fans you are putting in. One of my previous remote locations, a few people tried to break in through the exhaust area. They jammed up the fans, sawzall cut the guts and looked inside. Luckily we had metal and concrete, and the actual exhaust holes were cut in 12"x4" rectangles across. They left all their tools. 🤘🤘

  7. i would suggest looking into locks like Abloy or Medeco or some other commercial grade lock that has security pins or sidebars etc. as well id replace the screws on the hinges to as long as you can get ( 3"-4" )

  8. I think that roof vent is going to be incredibly useful.

    Some things to think about (at least that are in my mind). If you vent hot air up into the roof then the snow on the roof might melt in winter. Where is that water going to go?

    Let's say you put in fans that vent 1m^3 per minute (number made up). If you blow out that much air, you are going to have to allow that much air back in somewhere. If you don't allow for this then the exhaust fans are not going to be very efficient. Imagine sucking air in through a straw and then blocking the other end of the straw. Once you consider this – what is your plan for allowing replacement air into the garage? Vents in the floor, or perhaps in the bottom of a few of the walls?
    And the next tricky bit, you want to allow that incoming cool air to spread evenly over all of your kit (otherwise you'll have hot spots). How are you planning on distributing the incoming cool air?

  9. Think about ease of building. Personally I'd go all the way to the ceiling. Unless you want to use the space that you created above the "hot box" for storage.
    As for height. You don't want to be working above your head, I can't imagine getting a miner down from that height is much fun when your on a ladder.

  10. Heat rises to the top, the higher up your exhaust fans are the better, and I still think you should utilize the garage door space for intake/exhaust vs cutting big holes in your shed. I'm gonna whip up a plan and send it to you as an option.

  11. Such an undertaking in these uncertain times. I consider(ed) setting up something simular but with the merge coming up, market being down and energy pricing through the roof (EU) , I just rather watch other noobs take a shot at it 😀
    May I ask what you pay for this and what your electric rate is?

  12. You guys in the US are so funny with your inch, inches, foot, feet measurement. It's impossible for me to get a sense of dimensions and sizes in comparison if you just tell me: millimeter, centimeter, meter lol
    Hope that hole is not the house of some rodent, they like eating electric cables, watch out:$
    Have a great weekend <3

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