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Crypto Tax Evasion 101

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  • Published On: 2022-04-26 02:30:01
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  1. The tax department knows exactly what you have purchased, swapped and sold.
    All Centralised Exchanges report to the tax office.
    A simple scan of your address on the block chain will show your complete trading history.
    The best way to minimise tax is become a citizen of a low tax, crypto friendly country then buy and sell your crypto there. It's the best option other than not selling.

  2. My advice to everyone is to hold and stake for 5 years, the airdrop is not taxable as we get it at zero value before the bridge. The swaps we do before the bridge are also not taxable, so load in tons of dry powder to HEX now for that copy to swap with before bridge.

    The staking rewards are considered income tax, I can live with that. The governments will eventually bring in predicted capital gains and it will be ugly.

  3. Better strategy is just to take loans out via Liquid Loans against your Pulse… If you ever get audited and they can tie it back to you… You are going away for a very long time… lol. The cases they like to go after are the millions of dollar cases. If you are small guy, maybe your plan might work. Its just now worth their time

  4. But the trick is how do you withdraw the cash? Even if you do all this don't you have to send the money to a CEX to actually withdraw real money from the bank. The second it goes to CEX the gov will see it

  5. If your in USA…Get a ByBit account (no KYC)…use a private wallet like META with VPN…break the blockchain for good measure…how?…
    1 Send your USDT to Bybit
    2 Buy Bitcoin…swap for Monero (Decentralized)…swap back to BTC
    3 Buy Gold or silver…(better than paying 38% capital gains)
    4 Very few gold/silver exchanges report to IRS…if you "wash" your BTC by swapping to Monero, then back to BTC…very hard to trace
    5 Yeah…you'll pay fee's…Bybit exchange fee's…swap fee's…Gold/Silver exchange fee…usually around 1.5%…but better than short term gains to those Commie Bastards

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