Ethereum Co-Founders' Dire Message for Investors (Huge Warning For the Future of Crypto) – YouTube

Ethereum Co-Founders' Dire Message for Investors (Huge Warning For the Future of Crypto)

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  • Published On: 2022-03-22 06:30:01
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In your nightly crypto news wrap up, we bring you the top crypto stories. In tonight’s wrap up: Vitalik Buterin makes the cover of Time magazine, detailing the story of his childhood and rise to the top of the crypto world. Biden meets with his handlers about the oil, food, and supply chain crisis. Finally, the debate on whether or not Bitcoin will stick to its traditional 4 year cycle heats up.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:16 Oil, Food, and Supply Chain Crisis
1:14 Vitalik
5:18 BTC 4 Year Cycle


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  1. I feel like you’re not going to see a “blow off top” due to so many people being wise to the fact that this is what was expected to happen. Bitcoin and Ethereum I believe are too mature to see a 90% shakedown like other altcoins. We’ve seen what’s happened to ADA so I’m not so sure about the rest of the market. The four year cycle seems to be a little less volatile since big money whales have entered the market I believe.

  2. Xrp and other projects are better than eth. I'm done hearing about eth and it's high transaction costs. It's why I barely use it or hold any of it. It makes no sense when the transaction cost is as much as what your buying, say nft or doing a swap.

  3. You forgot to mention that JP Morgan has a controlling majority of Eth, or the corruption of Joseph Lubin ripping off investors by selling Intellectual Property of Eth to a company owned by JP Morgan and doing it in secret without shareholder knowledge, or how the Ethereum Alliance corruption with the SEC and Lawyers was undertaken to gain a free pass even though they had an ICO and Ethereum is still today not decentralised because they wont allow a public audit due to it showing the disguised whales majority shares. Yeah and all the while Vitalic and Lubin touting that they are working for the good of the world- give us all a break !

  4. Sounds backwards from what I’ve seen unfold for the last couple years 🤔
    VB was the one who was all about money, why else would his focus be on rushing out a substandard product buried in marketing to get the price and market share to the top as fast as possible 🤔
    Know who isn’t doing it for money? Who isn’t buried in marketing? Who isn’t in a rush to put out a substandard product? Whose product is not in a race of dominance, but a real hard application of usefulness to the people who need it most….. Charles Hoskinson.
    VB used smoke and mirrors to distract from the fact. But it’s there.

  5. More proof that Charles Hoskinson wanted to leave ERhereum to make money, hence he has not yet delivered a working product , only empty promises and a truck load of money for himself. Happy for anyone to correct me if I am wrong about this.

  6. You know when Ben is feeding BS…. Its when his lips are moving. Oooh Vitalik is worth less than a billion $… Damn, he must be struggling to fuel his private jet with these energy price increases! Oh wait, no, Vitalik is worth WAY over a billion $ but, thats ok too, it was never about the money, right!

  7. It's actually not about fixing the world they created, it's about finishing it. It was always an unfinished prototype delivered on a promise. it sits about as squarely on top of the definition of a security as anything possibly can even by rules from a million years ago

  8. Ben, your statements about the BitCoin halving cycle and supply being cut in half is misleading and the potential impact on your audience is concerning. The supply of BitCoin is not cut in half after each halving cycle, the daily production of BitCoin is cut in half. You are implying that the supply is going down and the demand is going up which is not the case. The supply is increasing but at a lower rate after each halving cycle. Will you please make the distinction when addressing us (your audience) moving forward. I personally think your comments are creating unjust FOMO to those who are new to crypto and less knowledgeable on the BitCoin halving process

  9. Get your facts right Ben..

    Buterin used to work with Ripple on codius, and Stefan Thomas actually let him crash on his couch, and then used the knowledge he gained from Ripple's codius to create Ethereum.

  10. Old $hitcoin is just a pump and dump. “Store of value” as maxis call it which is bs. Other cryptos will have their runs. Nfts are silly but are a business and that’s one thing that Ethereum runs. I think it will skyrocket as well as XRP once it accomplishes what it’s purpose is and when the lawsuit is over. As Shitcoin gets more expensive, less people will stack sats

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