How Stellar Lumens XLM Will Take Over the World – YouTube

How Stellar Lumens XLM Will Take Over the World

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  • Published On: 2022-03-24 02:30:09
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How Stellar Lumens XLM Will Take Over the World

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there, and they all want to be the next Bitcoin. But Stellar Lumens is different because it’s not just another coin, it’s meant for the world!

I’ll tell you why Stellar will take over in 2025 and how you can buy XLM today.

In this video we go through:
-What is Stellar?
-Why should I invest in XLM instead of other coins?


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  1. Starbridge ? Bridging Stellar to Ethereum, along with Pendulum & Flare bridging to Polkadot and XRP. ISO20022 in action to bridge Stellar's access to the $6.6 trillion/day Forex market onto DeFi. Cosmos in the working to join. How is XLM not worth $500 ??

  2. I am a XLM holder and I keep buying it whenever I think it is a good time to buy but to say Bitcoin it buttcoin and that it is on the decline? I know this is a fool that doesn’t what he talking about. Whatever little amount of little credibility he has it is being thrown out of the window as he speaks. I can understand he trying to do his part to spread positivity about the coin he believes in but to talk shit about Bitcoin? Bitcoin is like the black hole or the gravitational force that when it wants to go down all the rest of the other alt coins follow and so far none other coin has that effect as of yet. Let that sink in.

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