How To Buy an Ice Poker NFT +$36.46 A Day Per NFT – YouTube

How To Buy an Ice Poker NFT +$36.46 A Day Per NFT

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  • Published On: 2022-03-18 02:15:00
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Ice Poker NFT buyers guide. How to find cheap items, sort buy % bonus, and make offers on open sea. This NFT is a wearable item in the Decentraland metaverse that rewards you with 3000 ice poker chips a day. Lear more about how Decentral Games Ice Poker passive income NFTs work here

How to mint an Ice Poker NFT

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  1. I am working hard to buy a penny ice poker wearable. Please let me know if you could delegate me your wearable or recommend me! Thanks and I’ll drop a message on you discord as well. I’m Ritchie.

  2. And I was wondering what if I buy a wearable that are at very low price, like for 0.3ETH? Maybe the bonus might be less but eventually you can make profit with it in like next 8-9 months and you can buy another penny wearables with your profit.

  3. But if you buy a wearables in opensea you are suppose to send some DGC for activating it, right? And if you buy in ice poker marketplace you don’t have to spend some on activation. Am I wrong?

  4. Hey dude, just watched a few of your ICE Poker vids. I 'm having hell trying to figure out this DG staking on metamask polygon/eth mainet stuff. I'm just a poker player not a crypto/nft guru and have I never bought an NFT before on open seas either. You seem to be very well versed on all this stuff, would you possibly consider helping me get set up if I were to pay you a fee? Thanks in advance

  5. Brother, I'am the one whose nft got stolen by hacking my wallet. as you suggested , i have ordered a ledger wallet from its official site, i am plannning to buy another ice wearable very soon , i have created a fresh wallet, is it still safe to buy from opensea, please give me some of your suggestions…

  6. Akina ! This video is awesome ! It's great how much info you include in the video and I'm only about 4 minutes into watching this one ! If I owned one of those Captain's Hats you were looking for, I'd send it to ya ! You are the BEST ! Your content continues to impress and I think you should have about 1 million more subscribers than you do. Good stuff, sir ! Subscriber and discord member !

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