How to Buy and Sell NFTs on OpenSea – Step by Step for Beginner – YouTube

How to Buy and Sell NFTs on OpenSea - Step by Step for Beginner

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Open your opensea account –
Download your Metamask –

NFT or non-fungible tokens are a trend that took off in 2021 for buying and selling digital assets using blockchain.

Anyone can browse marketplaces that sell NFTs. NFTs included digital assets, digital collectibles, jpegs, songs, videos, and anything else that can be created digitally.

One of the largest NFT marketplaces for buying and selling NFTs is called OpenSea.

In order to buy or sell NFTs, you’ll need a digital wallet and you need cryptocurrency. The most popular method of payment in cryptocurrency is Etherium.
OpenSea helps you create a wallet using Metamask and you can then add Etherium or ether to that wallet.
There is a transaction fee associated with buying ethereum or another cryptocurrency.
Once you have crypto in your wallet, you can buy NFT on the marketplace.

In order to sell NFT, you still need a digital wallet. Listings on OpenSea are free, but it does require a fee called Gas for creating a listing.
Gas is the initial cost of using the Blockchain to sell items and create a storefront.
There is a 2.5% commission fee as well when a sale is complete on OpenSea.

Open sea is not the only marketplace for buying and selling NFTs but others have similar rules and fees associated with them.

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