Lawyer Reacts to $500,000 Influencer Crypto Scam – YouTube

Lawyer Reacts to $500,000 Influencer Crypto Scam

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  • Published On: 2022-02-02 07:56:29
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Coffeezilla video we are discussing:

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  1. Florida has some strict and broad elder abuse laws. Could he be charged under these if someone who bought the coin was classified as an elder? Does it change if the elderly victim lived in another state?

  2. Regardless of the legality of it. Can you imagine after all these years of Ice Poseidon's sussy shit. People willingly investing in a Project and expecting a lucrative return on an obvious cryoto cash grab.

  3. Ice Poseidon has always been a horrific person. I don't think that stealing from his followers could possibly ruin the reputation he has. He and the community he has built are the definition of toxic online communities.

    And that's not even getting into the ethical issues of irl streaming in general, which he is partially credited for pioneering.

  4. 21:10, they can’t. The whole point to a decentralized currency is that 51% consensus on the blockchain has to be reached from the total active nodes to manipulate the assets.

    As much as an entity would want to, USA legal personnel included, they don’t have the power.

    To put it in the most basic terms. Even the President of the United States does not have that power.

    It’s not a bank account.

  5. He did backtrack and acted like he never did the interview and made a twitlonger justifying how he will keep the money and that he didn't scam his audience they just doesn't understand how crypto work and if he did scam he audience he only scam his hardcore serious crypto fan not his casual fan but he did in fact promoted crypto to his casual fan coffeezliza jokingly considered him have serious long term memory loss to me personally if anything he more on the side of dementia since even serious long term memory loss is just isn't enough even then knowing that it's a joke obviously this guy try to intentionally forget everything he has ever done in his life including his credit card phishing when his stole multiple people credit cards information.

  6. Lacking in moral fibre or any decency, does not matter if illegal or not. What a vile gremlin. Shame clowns like this are in positions to use people. smug and proud of it aswell. When will the sheeple ever learn that idiots like this are not to be followed, trusted, idolised etc. influencer = dingbat of the highest order.

  7. Hi, can you make a vid about "Atari token"?❗❗ Because I think it is a scam❗❗. And nobody make vid about it. My assets are gone and no replies from support or admin. Would be appreciated if you can do that. Thank you 🙏

  8. I can not get my head round how these 'influencers' can keep hold of a fanbase while being an obvious piece of shit TOO THEIR OWN FANBASE. It makes me think that peoples lives are not as valuable as people make out.

  9. I was scammed out of $500 by Emeth Project back in like October 2021 and I know it’s not a lot to some people but it was everything to me at the time. I know people who were scammed for thousands by this project. It’s becoming literally just socially acceptable to do this shit.

  10. I have never used this word before, but I am baffled by this guys behaviour. Unless he is just going to use the excuse of being unable to understand consequences? But he explains that he fully understood what he was doing. He just basically admitted to fraud.

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