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Mintra X PulseChain: The Greenest NFT Marketplace

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  • Published On: 2022-02-24 13:04:55
  • Video Published/Author: Gerardo
  • Video Duration: 00:22:47
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0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Addressing Mintra FUD
1:13 – PulseChain is a new L1 to build on
2:14 – Ethereum NFT’s popularity / use
2:49 – Co-founder / Tokenomics / Marketing
3:58 – Reason for having a sacrifice phase
4:45 – Mintra works now on Ethereum Rinkeby testnet
5:19 – Hired a new developer for the $MINT staking user interface
5:52 – OpenSea phishing exploit / Mintra is NOT a technical fork of OpenSea
6:50 – Mintra good or bad for HEX?
9:11 – Mintra good or bad for PulseChain?
9:42 – Does $MINT make Mintra competitive?
11:02 – Why stake $MINT?
12:22 – Imagine passively accumulating ETH in the early days
12:58 – Buy-and-burn tokenomics are cool
13:38 – $MINT use cases
14:09 – Different cycles for HEX, PLS, PLSX. MINT?
15:14 – Sacrifice rate / bonding curve
17:20 – Mintra sacrifice address hasn’t sold a single HEX
17:38 – Mintra is a team effort
18:02 – Be willing to change your worldview
18:43 – Mintra is inspired by Richard Heart
19:08 – Vertical integration in a distributed network?
20:33 – Entrepreneurs build
21:12 – Thank you to everyone showing support
22:18 – Outro

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  1. Just a suggestion. Mintra seems like a good name for the token. But i feel you need a "bigger" name for something this big. Just look at the word "OpenSea" as example. Another example of "big" can be Decentraland. My suggestion is, you can still retain the name Mintra, but make it the name for the tokens, but you need another "big" name for this project. E.g. Mana-Decentraland.

  2. Bro you should also just give few digits and letters of the sacrifice address so that people can be sure its the right address they are sending it to. Some SCAMMERS could literally copy the website and then just change the sacrifice address. Its safer I guess.

  3. Game play idea: Hi Gerardo.. love you work… i have a random question: if the airdrop ration is 1:1 could someone simple buy another eth token to the same value as pulse/pulsex i.e. .0001 have it in there wallet pre launch then receive 1:1 ratio with pulse/pulsex? Or maybe i am way off track… which could be the case.

  4. "When you pay you pay attention" — if you have spent ANY time in the telegram rooms for sacrifice, you would find that people show up dumping thousands of dollars of the WRONG coins or in the wrong process, or they do it correctly but then show up like "Wha da heck is dis I jus dump money at"

  5. Good luck on this project! I put a little in the sac to support political statement behind it. I hope mintra is very successful on pulsechain since it will pump all the PLS PLSX HEX holders bags too!

  6. Let me say what Gerardo is too polite to say. The "haters" aren't ignorant, they are likely mercenary trolls strategically dispatched by a competing platform, whose game plan was interrupted by the shockwave created when you announced your collaborative partnership in Mintra. Hype and flashy videos couldn't compete with your rock solid reputation in the Hexican community. You partnered with your team in the actual design of the project, not just as a paid promoter. That sets Mintra apart from any competing project, which is why there are all these attacks, especially from 2-day old telegram accounts claiming to be long time Hexicans. Merely by existing and being awesome, you stole their thunder. As Rodgers says – he welcomes competing projects because it adds value to Pulsechain (and because you know Mintra is better.) Keep your head up and your eyes on the prize! I'll be saccing tonight.

  7. Its just insane how not many people are sacrificing for mintra. Just the potential on how it can grow and the benefits one can get is insane. I just cant wait for pulse network to go live with mintra. Congrats Gerardo on making sh*t move.

  8. I think this will be a major gain for pulse and hopefully it will be a giant success. I haven't sacrificed yet, but I am most likely going to knowing you're involvement with it. Its exciting to see what is coming. I don't think any blockchain had so many early projects/development before it was even launched yet.

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