PulseX latest Update | Staking and incentive token | Crypto – YouTube

PulseX latest Update | Staking and incentive token | Crypto

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  • Published On: 2022-02-27 00:29:47
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Pulsechain is a fork of ethereum and it will be 100times cheaper to transact on and PulseX is a fork of Uniswap with a deflationary Token that is set to increase in price over time. While Bitcoin is dumping these projects will be pumping. Enjoy.

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  1. WonkaCoin has just launched an ERC20 token with huge news coming out the collaboration between the chocolate factory and the crypto world will be huge check out the project now! 20k initial liquidity and many multipliers to go


  2. Good Day …. Greeting everyone…. seeking so understanding … I'm slow with things and have to figure things out… here is one of my first questions i need to figure out. not withstanding the ease of use with meta mask I have an ATOMIC wallet with ERC tokens well and long before I learned of HEX and RH and Pulse etc. I understand the ERC tokens from all wallets that the individual holds the keys passphrase etc all erc tokens will be copied to pulse chain. So my question. I also, got to believe im not the only one with an atomic wallet with ERC tokens that will be copied to Pulse chain. So my question… How does a peson holding their own keys with atomic or lets say even EXodus wallet. How do we access the prc chain to see our copies of our erc 20 tokens which in my case is #hex. I was wondering if we could build a community for wallet assistance with all the unusual wallets that hold ERC 20. lets face if it we create the pathway for sharing our adoption will come faster … but right now im confused how I will see those tokens. Im asking for help…. unless im not understanding something here…. please forgive me for asking

  3. You’re just making things up and spreading misinformation! The incentive token has not been announced, there hasn’t even been hints of it yet. xPLSX is NOT the incentive token. How could it be, it’s not inflationary.

    And 0.07% redistributed to xPLSX holders does not mean the 21% burn is canceled.

  4. I will forever be indebted to you, you’ve changed my whole life I’ll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Desiree Madsen

  5. xPLSX isn't the incentive token. It's the same idea as boo on phantom with xBoo. Some of the trading fees buyback and burn xBoo and make it more valuable so the ratio of boo to xBoo always makes xBoo more valuable, but the incentive token was created to keep people from dumping PLSX so xPLSX can't be the incentive token. Tired of the community spreading false information because they can't think 😒😒😒

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  7. First rate content – appreciate all that you do for the PLSX community by keeping on top of this. If you do tweet RH concerning the buy and burn or redistribution of PLSX, let us know what he says…

  8. Love your videos and love how u r making videos to get more chats in comment … u truly are a good content creator and programmer

    But ur prediction is very good. Look at the price of plsx in the UI. Hahahaha we gonna be swimming in a golden pool.

    Keep up the good work buddy.

  9. I’m sure he said 0.25% was buy back an burn, this 0.7% seems new, I’m betting it’s the add on that gives the incentive token price a reason not to keep dropping while everyone earns and sells it? 🤔🤔🤔

  10. Your getting it wrong. The xPLSX is merely the staked token of PLSX. When you stake PLSX, you get on the pulsechain xPLSX. Then your staked xPLSX gives you rewards in PLSX, which you then have the option to stake as well as xPLSX.

  11. again this guy has no idea what hes talking about….. been trying to tell people to ignore this guys hopium and his complete misunderstanding of this

    this function has nothing to do with a burn… its the exact same thing xSushi, xJoe, xBoo, xShib. etc all do
    burning has nothing to do with this.. the yield is added by the .07 percent and added to the xPLSX pool.. so when you unstake you have more PLSX than u did before because the xPLSX have gone up in value

  12. Since the ratio of xPLSX in the screenshot is 0.24 more than PLSX (i.e. 24%)…and the price of PLSX in that screenshot was like 0.021….it could be indicating that by staking PLSX, I can accumulate xPLSX (losing my PLSX in the process), but then swap xPLSX to buy 24% more of PLSX (and in the process I will have to buy some PLS for transaction fees as well). Maybe this is what "claim back" means. Maybe.

  13. Hopefully he can come up with a better name for the incentive token to make it less confusing. Naming the incentive token xPulsei and a easier way to unstake your PulseX would help make sense of it all….

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