Ripple's $1 MILLION PAYMENT To List XRP on Exchange | Judge Approves SEC Reply Brief – YouTube

Ripple's $1 MILLION PAYMENT To List XRP on Exchange | Judge Approves SEC Reply Brief

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  • Published On: 2022-05-05 12:30:06
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  9. What is the use of even following the case, the judges are so corrupt as to be on par with the SEC's corruption. The judges have ruled twice regarding the emails and they are going to allow the SEC to change its story once again and then file a brief on a brief that has not even been written! This whole case is a rotten stinking pile of feces that is costing Ripple and the US tax payers millions of dollars and as it is filed by the SEC to contain known false statements and they admitted they were false when challenged by the judge. Yet the judge still allowed them to continue knowing the SEC lied to both the judge and the court by filing a knowingly false claim with the court. That is a felony!!! These pieces of excrement should be taken out, tied to a post and have a hot date with a Roman scourge. Its all BS and lies, if the SEC had hard evidence it would place its cards on the table and tell Ripple to read um and weep but they do not have any hard evidence, just accusations and BS.

  10. Dear reader. Below I give a brief explanation about the SEC-versus Ripple&Co case for interested viewers (not for hypers) This only to prevent even more viewers from being poisoned with very questionable and untrue 'information' that has been spread by many YouTubers. I am honnestly a hobbyist, so this/below is just my personal analysis. Well now, here it comes:
    The SEC has filed the case against Ripple&Co for a variety of understandable reasons. The fact that the word 'fraud' is not mentioned in the indictment is, to my oppinion, ONLY due to the fact that the burden of proof for this (fraud) is more difficult, but everything points to fraud. After a loss of Ripple&Co it will rain fraudcharges, I am sure. A few points I want to share (as just a hobbyist):
    – While Brad stated towards (potential) investors  that XRP had an excellent investment potential, at the same time he was selling large amounts of his own XRP-coins (along with some others).
    – Market makers were expressly requested by Ripple to sell/dump XRP for Ripple&Co when good news came out about XRP. In fact they sold the news themselves before the news reached anybody.
    – The many well-known fairy tales that not became reallity: Mainly about grotesque future successes that never take place in the present/past. This is pure price manipulation and inadmissible but above all rude towards investors who invested their hard worked money. Ripple&Co sold a lot of (XRP-)news which never came reallity, at the expense of many small investors who were promised castles in the air.
    – 'Customers' have been bought/paid with the sole purpose of creating 'utility' in this artificial way, but to my oppinion mainly to pump the price of XRP and then dump it again (Moneygram and Tranglo). The many stories about central banks and well-known banks that would use XRP/ODL (2017 and afterwards) have turned out to be no more than fairy tales that never stop.
    – Ripple&Co bought and sold XRP with insider information at known exchanges to make even more profit.
    – Ripple&Co did/do everything they can to pump the price of their free money machine (XRP) and the methods by which this is done are, to my oppinion, often despicable and illegal (price manipulation, buy and sell with inside knowledge, withholding relevant information, dumpings,…).
    – Before the SEC sued Ripple&Co, the suspects had long been informed of the suspicions from the SEC, whereby they were given the opportunity to respond substantively and to motivate why the SEC would not prosecute. So Ripple & Co knew well before the lawsuit was officially filed by the SEC (December 2020) that the current lawsuit was looming. Ripple&Co apparently did not find it necessary to inform the investors on time (including large and small investors who had been duped for years by trading with insider knowledge, violation of the obligation to inform investors, hyping, et cetera …), but surely have been aware of this SEC case a long time before December 2020! They have also been informed in advance by the SEC of a number of matters relating to legal regulations so the SEC acted properly in any way.
    – My very strong suspicion: There is an extensive network that spends whole days with hyping Ripple&XRP; this often in a completely unethical way.
    – The XRP sales by Ripple have had a disastrous impact on the price development (of XRP). This, in combination with the structural violation of the information obligation towards investors and trading with insider knowledge, has duped almost all investors, of course outsite of Ripple&Co themselves.
    – Due to the many XRP-dumpings on the market and the very questionable sales methods, directors/owners have personally become very wealthy, and because of these 'earnings' the company Ripple as it is could become reallity (in a financial sense); without these funds, Ripple as a company would not be viable/profitable. In fact, these XRP earnings were used as (free) business financing, which made the rapid growth of Ripple possible.
    – My own strong suspicion: Selling XRP by Ripple&Co to dollars seems to be the (main)goal in itself rather than the use/usefulness/usecase of XRP as stated. All this at the expense of all (external) investors who, indirectly, paid for this 'great' adventure without knowing it.
    I have informed you without any interest (anymore) in XRP, and of course just as a hobbyist, so don't do anything I say and forget this nonsense of mine (disclaimer). Succes with your YouTubes and hatespeach against the US authorities (mainly the SEC: the scapegoat of Ripple&Co who is nothing to blame), dear Moon. Succes with your carrier but be honest to your viewers, and to yourself. I do understand this maybe is to difficult for you but I am oké with that. Kind regards, a huge fan 😘

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  13. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market/crypto market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payout even in a downtrend, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

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