Russia Launches Attack On Ukraine: Stocks & Crypto Crashing – YouTube

Russia Launches Attack On Ukraine: Stocks & Crypto Crashing

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  • Published On: 2022-02-24 10:00:10
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BREAKING: Stocks & Crypto Crash After Russia Launches Attack On Ukraine

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  1. <I feel those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in space in general or probably just naïve, the sphere have seen far worse times than this, enlightened traders continue to make good use of the dip and pump even acquiring more equities towards trading sessions, I'd say that more emphasis should be put into trading since it is way profitable than hodling. Tradlng went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 9.5 BTC when I started at 2.4 BTC in just 2 weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from Daniel Peter Jeffery.

  2. I will forever be in-depted to you 😇 you've changed my life I'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, Thanks Mercy Greg

  3. Thank you Michael and viewers. Patrick Boyle the daily upside is the best for explaining things at this time. May God help the people in the suffering from this in the Ukraine. Our prayers are with you.

  4. If US and NATO was smarter than this they should keep making everyone to believe no one is going to help ukraine and simply disguise their troups as fake Ukrainian troops to give russia a false impression that they are losing a war against a smaller country.

    This would then make other countries like china concerned about going to war against smaller nearby countries as well.

  5. Hello everyone, feel like need to explain some background of Neo-Nasists ukrainian state and military operation against it. Can't pretend I know all of it but here is everyone in post Soviet area knows and what is being hidden from western people by the "free" media: read in Wikipedia about who Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych were about their organizations and flags. 
    Google for "UPA flag", on some of the pictures of the flag there will be words cirillyc: "Слава Украине Героям слава" – "Glory to ukraine to heroes glory". You will see those flags on every state and public occasions in ukraine, in some regions they stand together with state flag on top of state and local administration buildings. The slogan on the flag is what members of "OUN" and "UPA" (google those two with ukraine keyword) while rising their right hands in fascist greetings to each other. Now days EVERY!!! ukrainian politician, every public person, and today even Boris Johnson say it at the end of their speech not just from TV, but in state senate (rada).
    Almost forgot google "ukrainian torch marches", they became annual. But you won't find them on BBC and other "free" shit-media.
    Bottom line is your governments have been feedingup a Neo-fascist state in the middle of the Europe and hiding it from you!
    Don't take my words check all of it and be shocked!

  6. < Great content always. Thank you for helping all of us stay on top of the market. More emphasis should be put into trading since it is way profitable than hodling. Having applied Ex Naughton daily insights and Signals I don't even care much about bullish or bearish market anymore as I am comfortably making 9.4 Btc weekly. having invested 2.2 Btc …..

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  8. We can't even use the VIX or fear index as an indication of fear in the market because of all the interference by the fed and or the plunge protection team. The interference distorts the true fear of investors.

  9. < TA is all well and good but I find it truly baffling that all major crypto youtubers just look at pure TA and completely ignore the bigger narrative of why BTC is pumping and why the future outlook might not be as rosy as it seems. It's kinda irresponsible to ignore the fact that each ETF launch so far has caused a major dump at the peaks of BTC. More emphasis should be put into day tradiing as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. I have made over 11 btc from day tradng with FADWA, insights and signals in less than 2 weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish..,

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