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The Complete UK Crypto Tax Guide - 2022 [With Koinly]

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  • Published On: 2022-02-26 19:44:15
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This guide will take you through the steps required to file your crypto taxes in the Uk with the help of Koinly.

UK resources
HMRC’s Cryptoassets Manual:
Crypto Tax UK: Ultimate Guide 2022:
Calculating Crypto Taxes in UK (w/ Share Pooling):

Koinly Feedback:
Koinly Forum:
Koinly Contact:
Koinly Help Center:

Our tax team has done a lot of the groundwork to figure out the best way to report crypto taxes, but neither myself nor Koinly are financial advisers and everyone out there has there own financial situation, so when in doubt, definitely reach out to a tax or legal professional. (if things aren’t sitting right for you.)

  1. Great Video!
    Does the bed and breakfast rule apply if you dispose BTC to GBP.. and then purchase ETH straight away using GBP?
    Eg: 1 BTC bought at £40k… but sold for 30k GBP (Making a loss of £10k) and then you purchase 15ETH @ 2k gbp

    Also, Is Koinly smart enough not to create entries if one uses an CSV to upload the data and then decides to create an API? Would it refresh by reconciling the data or start to duplicate the entries causing inflated figures?

  2. I'm new to crypto but could you help me answer this question please?

    1. If you buy crypto and simply hold, you aren't making any capital gains, but simply holding right, so I assume that doesn't need reporting to hmrc?

    2. At the start of each new tax year, if you made something random like £100,000 (I only play with pennies) but if you did have real worthy amounts of money held which had in thr precious year increased from 20k to 100k but you only hold, do the capital gains reset on April 6th? Meaning that after April 6th new tax year, since you made no physical capital gains in selling, you are now free to able to start the new tax year back at zero profit????

    Therefore any crypto you Held the previous year that is now worth more this next year, if its past April 6th and you sell it, technically you've made no capital gains as its a new tax year??

    God this is confusing

  3. Hello mate sorry to bother you again. I'm invested in DAOs when I stake my tokens koinly doesn't seem to record the rewards? I see my deposits and transfers in the protocol but the tokens I receive in rewards are not shown, is that because of them being in the DAO wallet still? Any idea how I could track that or does it only become taxable when I unstated and everything returns in my wallet? I'm a bit confused with that😫

  4. Gteat break down, thanks.Treating crypto as income is pretty harsh, after already being taxed and ni'd on the money, risking it, being capital gained through multiple steps they want to then further tax and ni you. Doesnt seem right.
    Does this mean if you haven't cashed out, you would still have a tax bill for earnings… technically forcing you out of your position to pay it?

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