The Complete USA Crypto Tax Guide – 2022 [With Koinly] – YouTube

The Complete USA Crypto Tax Guide - 2022 [With Koinly]

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  • Published On: 2022-04-07 19:30:05
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This guide will take you through the steps required to file your crypto taxes in the US with the help of Koinly.

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Our tax team has done a lot of the groundwork to figure out the best way to report crypto taxes, but neither myself nor Koinly are financial advisers and everyone out there has there own financial situation, so when in doubt, definitely reach out to a tax or legal professional. (if things aren’t sitting right for you.)

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  2. I imported a binance csv to koinly and the fee is showing up on koinly as $ 30.00 but in binance history its $ 1.. I cant seem to change it manually and nobody on koinly responds to my email I have sent out almost a week ago. Please tell me what to do thanks

  3. How does one account for crypto "sacrifices"? Specifically two scenarios relating to the Pulsechain sacrifice in 2021.

    1. Capital gain/loss crypto sent to SENS(501c3) and eventually airdropped pulse tokens in 2022 or later(never)

    2. Capital gains/loss crypto sent directly to pulsechain sacrifice address and eventually airdropped pulse tokens in 2022 or later(never)

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