THE CRYPTO CRASH HAS COME! Millions LOST as Luna Coin CRUMBLES (Is this just the BEGINNING?!) – YouTube

THE CRYPTO CRASH HAS COME! Millions LOST as Luna Coin CRUMBLES (Is this just the BEGINNING?!)

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  • Published On: 2022-05-15 08:00:00
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We need to see these celebrities pay for pushing these scams

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  1. What Lance is saying is absolutely correct I remember… And the 1st large scale announcements my announcements about bitcoin being decentralized decentralized and there could only be a certain amount made and all this garbage about taking down the big banks it banks it was pushed by Alex Jones and a guy named Max Kaiser who worked for RT news….. That was it….. It turns out the only thing it's good for is buying drugs probably that's why Jordan Peterson started pushing it himself….. I wonder how many drugs Jordan Peterson bought with big coin….. That's a lot of zanny's for Jordan

  2. Very early on one of Alex Jones buddies was pushing this.. Max Kaiser an idiot who works on RT news… There were literally d****** back then that were in tears crying about how they could now conquer the big banks and Jones's friend Max Kaiser was telling them he it was telling them he was the original progenitor is janitor of getting bitcoin bitcoin invo out there

  3. Very happy to know that the idiot who donated one million and bitcoin to Alex did so before the gigantic collapse….. It aint one million no more that's for sure….. Probably a 3rd of that which is still way too much but do much but it's good to see Alex Jones lthe alex stone flu's anything anything that makes alex suffer is good

  4. Crypto is up today. Weird. Stocks are in the green too. It’s almost as if crypto currency moves with the rest of the financial world. It’s fashionable to hate on crypto, I get it. You need those clicks, views, etc. it’s business. But these videos will age like milk. Bitcoin has been around since many of you were in middle school. It went from $0 to and all time high of 69k in 13 years. Then, in the last 5-6 months, our entire financial system has been taking hit after hit and EVERYTHING costs more. But looks like the only focus with lefttubers is Bitcoin and reveling in it’s “collapse” because it’s considered a right wing interest. My fellow lefties love to pretend they’re better than the right as far as objective reporting, but not when it comes to crypto. It’s really odd.

  5. Hey Lance and team hope this finds you well, funny enough before this video an add for crypto currency played, I hope this trend does faster than Beane babies. On another subject anyone wanna buy some Beane Babies? Always love your content Lance keep up the great work all

  6. I'm becoming more and more convinced that the invention of stocks (and therefore securities, derivates, etc.) was a mistake. If the revolution comes, we should abolish all that. No more imaginary things that are somehow worth gazillion dollars.

  7. just to put stuff into perspective if u are working for 15$ an hour working for 30 years u will be able to earn 936,000$ speaking before taxes, that is a lifetime of working and u still wont have 1 millions dollars

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