Ukrainian President Zelenskyy legalizes crypto, here's how it helps – YouTube

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy legalizes crypto, here's how it helps

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  • Published On: 2022-03-19 11:00:05
  • Video Published/Author: Fox Business
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Association for Digital Asset Markets CEO Michelle Bond lays out what legalizing cryptocurrency will do for the Ukrainian government on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  3. President Zelenskyy is "The EU's man in Ukraine". His job is the get Ukraine into the EU. He is the key to the ASSOCIATION AGREEMENT. ?? What is the Association Agreement ? The Association Agreement is the REASON Russia has invaded Ukraine. ALL European Leaders are members of the World Economic Forum INCLUDING Zelenskyy. If Ukraine joins the EU that is a MAJOR STEP towards the One World Government.








  5. nice video I'm from Germany and am new in crypto, i need an expert trader that i can invest with and I don't understand how it really works. Can someone guide me on the right approach to investing and i need to make good profit from bitcoin and stocks investment,

  6. This was one of the goals ….. Be careful we don’t do this, as well. Look at Canada freezing the accounts of innocent citizens who donated or were involved in a legal protest. Don’t switch to a currency that the government can steal/switch off whenever it wants

  7. It's better to have passwords etc. in your head than to buy gold, carry it and just get held up and your gold stolen from you. No one would even have a clue that a person holds assets…. XRP and XLM are used for cross border payments. Bitcoin is over the top too expensive.

  8. Putting money printing in private sector hands that has previously 'disappeared' entire wallets & struggles mightily with theft that is neither explained nor ever led to a criminal conviction is a mistake if u accept that business is driven to profit maximise in order to compete. US money printing is bad but at least u can figure in its economic effects to accurately predict the future & how to invest, completely random destruction & reallocation of capital by the currency creators without consequence except bad publicity is an absolute nightmare for investors trying to move capital to where it will be most productive. Especially if businesses & pension funds suddenly find themselves without the capital they were relying on they'd invested in crypto.

    "To predict the future we extrapolate from the past, crypto is a hi risk store of capital, nothing more"

    Metallica – I Disappear

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