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Was I Wrong About Cardano?

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  • Published On: 2022-04-23 20:30:33
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I’ve been a long time Cardano Villain… making multiple videos criticizing ADA and calling it a joke. But I can be FAIR on this channel, and if they’ve made some progress I have to give some props where it’s due. Here’s a renewed look at Cardano in 2022 and I’ll cover some positives as well as some things they still have to fix in order to shut up the critics.

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0:00 Intro
0:47 My Previous Criticisms
3:47 SynFutures Airdrop Shout Out
4:29 3 Glimmers of Hope
7:46 3 Things They Still Need To Fix
9:25 Final Verdict

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  1. I'll be the first to admit Haskell and Plutus is difficult to learn initially but once you have a grasp of functional programming it gets a lot easier. It has the unintended side effect of making you a better programmer in other languages as well. If you're trying to be a cardano developer I recommend dedicating 3- 4 months to learning Haskell and Plutus (if you're doing 2-4 hrs per day)

  2. This was a far more reasonable video than the last, and I'm open to fair criticism. I've subscribed once again. Although I believed you have missed some key areas as to why we should be more bullish regarding Cardano, I think this was a respectable and informative video. Thank you.

  3. I am a programmer. In the past there have been jobs. Now outsourced, or shifted to Open Source (do it for free, no ADA, no shares… free). Here's some IOHK global jobs… note the absence of programmers… United States: Head of People Operations, PMO Procurement Lead. United Kingdom: Strategy Associate (Fintech). Kenya: Strategy Associate (Tech), Business Development Account Manager, Executive Assistant, People Operations Manager, Office Manager & Executive Assistant, Global Senior Compensation & Benefits Manager… So all you guys trying to be convinced you should 'work' for free ~ you get NOTHING BACK. If they can afford to pay managers, they can afford to pay you. Open Crap dribbles along.

  4. most of this is BS and you are clearly biased , if you actually did some in depth research you would have a much different view ,
    sorry but anyone taking your opinion on anything needs their fucking head looking at, obviously the ETH and SOL maxis are going to love you but, your attitude is everything wrong with the crypto space,
    everyone can berate things like eth 2.0 coming soon how long has that been now? or sol having 1000s tps laughable how about concentrating positives for crypto as a whole

  5. the problem is your analysis is shallow, you do the same thing every other clueless fool does and compare ADA TVL with that of other chains, if you were an actual analyst instead of some clown desperate for viewers, you would know that 3/4 of ADA is staked, which is around 25 billion, its just that the superior way Cardano does staking it doest show up as TVL, if you cant even get the simplest stuff right then you have nfi

  6. Love that you came back to this! As a very active user in the Cardano ecosystem all your points are right on. Hoskinson is no Elon Musk, but they both think and talk ambitiously…it isn't hype if what is promised is getting delivered. They are steadily delivering, but you're right, they absolutely need to pick up the pace and have much better developer on boarding. The tooling is growing tremendously but the developer experience sounds like it needs improving. Being a heavy user in both Cardano and Solana, I am mystified why you and many others can still be bullish on ETH. When the user suffer with such crappy fees and poor interfaces, that is the bottom line. Solana is killing it, and Cardano is not too far behind. As far as user experience goes. I have found these way more accessible than anything of attempted on Etherium

  7. The thing with critics is they speak as if they know what they are talking about by reading stuff on line, make a video and try to sound smart. In truth non of these YouTubers know anything apart from stuff they read off twitter and shady websites. Give me programmer who understand the technical limits and advantages of this new way of doing things and I will listed. Otherwise your opinion matters not.

  8. I invested 23k in Cardono I bought 3k worth at 40-50 cents then I bought 200-300 $ here and there at 1.20-1.50 cents then finally I bought 17k worth at 2.42 cent I told my family and friends to buy it and I even gave free shoes to the guy who taught me about crypto and introduced me to Cardono well down 14k as of today and I have the most violent thoughts I want to stalk Charles and troll him I want to write him a letter and tell him how hurt I am and how it would be really cool if he would buy my Cardono back from me for what I paid and since he knows this is not a scam he wouldn’t mind because he knows it’s gonna be worth way more and change the world 😂

  9. Dude Can you cover NEO blockchain…. A lot of shady things going on SOL, ETH NFTs, and ADA so I just wonder what do you think about the NEO blockchain… I am sure its been so long time you haven't look into it, there is not hype , strong but small community and a lot of new dapps underconstruction…. So I beg what will be your objective thoughts on it.

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