WAY better Profitability with new DUAL MINING mode? (+ 100% LHR unlock!) – YouTube

WAY better Profitability with new DUAL MINING mode? (+ 100% LHR unlock!)

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  • Published On: 2022-02-05 19:20:58
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In this video I go through in detail how to mine Alephium and how to dual mine Alephium with Ethereum (ETH + ALPH). Dual mining Eth and Alph also let’s you unlock 100% of the hashrate on your LHR GPUs (like the RTX 3060, 3070 Ti or 3080Ti)! I first show you how to set up an Alephium wallet, how to download T-Rex miner 0.25.2 and how to find an Alephium mining pool. I then show you how to how to mine Alephium by putting your ALPH wallet address in the T Rex miner bat file and connect to the mining pool. After this I go through how to dual mine Eth and Alph with trex miners new dual mining mode. This new feature let’s you use 68% of your LHR GPUs hashrate to mine Ethereum and the remaining 32% to mine Alephium. So you end up using 100% of your GPUs hashrate. This works on most current LHR GPUs like the RTX 3060 Ti, 3070 and 3080. The regular Ethereum unlocker for LHR GPUs currently gives you 74% of it’s full hashrate potential, so stepping down to 68% in order to unlock an additional 32% seems like a no-brainer to me 🙂 I then go through the best way to overclock your GPUs for dual mining Ethereum and Alephium. Finally I show you both the ethereum hashrates and the alephium hashrates before and after using this dual mining mode in t rex miner, and then based on that we take a look at the current Alephim mining profitability for these GPUs.

Introduction to Alephium by GPUrisers:

How to overclock your GPU for mining:

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00:00 Alephium mining & dual mining ALPH+ETH on to unlock 100% hashrate on LHR GPUs
01:39 New Ethereum and Alephium dual mining 100% LHR unlock explained
03:24 An exciting announcement! Wow!
04:00 How to mine Alephium
04:30 How to download T-Rex miner for mining Alephium
06:27 How to set up the Alephium coin wallet for GPU mining
09:20 Find a mining pool for Alephium mining
10:24 Ethereum hashrate with 74% unlock on all LHR GPUs
10:40 How to set up Trex miner with you wallet and pool for Alephium mining
12:32 How to keep track of how much Alephium you’ve been mining
13:14 Alephium hashrates on all LHR GPUs (no overclocks)
13:35 How to dual mine Eth and Alph to unlock 100% LHR hashrate
15:04 How to overclock your GPUs for dual mining Ethereum and Alephium
16:27 Overclock settings for Alephium and Ethereum dual mining
16:58 Ethereum and Alephium hashrates dual mining on all LHR GPUs
17:20 Ethereum and Alephium dual mining profitability 2022
18:52 IMPORTANT INFORMATION about mining Alephium

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  1. Hi Sebs, very nice, very useful for LHR. I have alephium wallet. So pls Inform me how to withdraw from my alephium wallet to bank account.
    Thanks so much for your warm wishes. I am waiting for your reply.

  2. I'm impressed! My power consumption went up by 3.5% ($0.60 per day, after tweaking core clocks and power levels). Ethereum rate went down 23mh/s ($0.84/day), while generating $8.74 per day of ALPH at today's price. T-Rex team 100% nailed it on this one, thanks for the video Seb.

  3. Seb have you tried this with your FHR cards? I just set this up on my rigs and it seems to work on my FHR cards as well.. getting full hash rate for ETH while also mining alph on my non-lhr cards

  4. Seb.. I am running few EVGA 3080 Ti's with dual mining my core temp goes to 105 is that bad? My T-Rex miner gives me 2 temps (T:65/105C) if I read correctly I think second one is core temp and first one is card temp? Any advice would be appreciated before I end up burning my cards 🙂

  5. alright yo fast question can you dual mine to 2 different pools? im having syntax errors that i just cant figure out. any ideas if you can go to 2 different pools? as i been on nano pool for ages and have existing balances and would love to continue to mine to that pool and another one for ALPH

  6. I think I'll point my 3060ti rig to 100% Alephium. Maybe after a month I'll do dual mining till ETH switches to pos. Cheers from Canada, and keep up the good fight! By the way, I am older than your father and I love this sh#t !!

  7. Hey Seb – another great video – which has got me thinking. What is the better GPU to get going forward from now? The 3060ti 8 Gbyte and be limited by what you can dual mine, or the 3060 12 Gbyte and have a whole lot more coins you can mine. Perhaps it might be worth doing a comparison of the profitability of the 3060ti vs the 3060 dual mining.

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