What is the Ethereum Merge | 2022 Update – YouTube

What is the Ethereum Merge | 2022 Update

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  • Published On: 2022-05-05 00:30:09
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What is the Ethereum merge and how could it make crypto greener?

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  1. If they could've implemented with sharding and POW+POS I would've been happier. Purely money based seems less secure! As Elon states Putin is richer than Elon supposedly and if Putin is Russia's big fish. America's big fish probably has enough to hack ethereum with POS. That's my random conspiracy theory

  2. That's great content, it's definitely worthy of like! And what about a Kyrrex exchanger? have you heard about their KRRX token? I'm thinking of buying it now since it's supposed to go up 3x before the summer!!!

  3. The entire PoW is to let the network determine how strong your machine is by running it 100% load to guess numbers, and grants your machine voting power accordingly. The guessing number part is 'pointless' just like when you full gas your car in a measuring machine to determine how strong the engine is, the car doesn't go anywhere.

    I'm looking forward to Proof-of-useful-work. PoW incentivize consuming power up to the mining reward. That means the market cap can't grow. If 1T market cap consume 9B dollar worth of electricity, 100T market cap will incentivize 900B electricity consumption, which indicates 100T most likely won't happen.

  4. As I’m watching this, ETC is going up lol.
    I wouldn’t doubt that the delays are because the devs and the founder know that once they go P.O.S., the price is going to drop big time. They know the value of POW and the miners, and they know that others (mainly the haters) probably don’t understand that.

  5. everybody talking about eth merge but some other blockchains already made major moves regarding this, if you take the exmple of conflux they ve alraedy moved 50%pos 50% pow, their official version is that they were afraid of 51% ataks after eth merge.

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