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I explain the most opportune moments for buying and trading nfts especially if you are looking to flip nfts fast

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  1. I absolutely love your content Sajad! Anyway have you heard Starlight NFT? their NFT looks great but the project still not launch yet. I Hope you gonna make some reviews to this project sajad! 🙂 Thanks a lot 😀

  2. hi Sajad, firstly thanks for the teachings on nfts, love your attitude no nonsense tactics, really helped me. I have a question after using icy tools (paid for premium) but also used traitsniper (not paid) so the question is: Is there a tool that provides a graphic info that makes it easier to see the dip or uptake in sales other than sittign and watching the data as it happens? its easy to look at teh floor and see that its thin, but when looking at a thin floor it might be about to thicken and we don't know, so is there a time based graphic on a tool that shows for example the length of time a floor has been thin ? hard to explain my point…

  3. Just get in early! Ever since I joined crypto/NFT investments, it’s been so fun and profitable to me. Even now, I earn as much as $5k daily from trading these assets, which anyone can earn just like I’m doing

  4. Do you like metaverse and hunt boss? Play Zombie World Z now to have good experience and funny. Not only it, with roi 20days, you can have good profits when play too. See how dev team work, create so many event,… you will love it

  5. I fell in love with Hikari but got heartbroken for not getting a WL spot :(( Thanks for the awesome analysis tho! It will be very useful for the other projects that I'm bullish on . Thanks, Sajad!

  6. HAKI TANKED! Trend went downwards during reveal – lost money such a poor project! Was skeptical early on don’t know why I invested. The reveal was smooth too zero delays everything revealed literally at 10pm but during reveal never went to pre reveal prices just went down !!

  7. Hey Sajad absolutely love these videos exactly what i was looking for… now i got a question because you've done hundreds of these mints.. Imaginary ones are doin 50% supply to wl 1 per wallet and 50% to DA at half the current floor… how do you think that'll do? Also reveal time is 2weeks hows the volume on such long reveal times? Thank you so much <3

  8. is that okay to buy any good project which is not trending like gummies
    what do you suggest
    because currently its .022 floor and 1 sale in 20 min or may be less
    so my question is
    is it okay to buy that project at floor and wish for the future whale reaction will happen and floor goes up ?
    what do you suggest ?

  9. You have SuperSea, as well as NFTNerds, so do you snipe rares on nftnerds because it faster than opensea? or do you snipe straight from os using SuperSea. Thanks for the videos! Getting a pass soon!

  10. reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? would be appreciated.

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