XRP WILL CRUSH Bitcoin (Here’s Why Ripple Wins) – YouTube

XRP WILL CRUSH Bitcoin (Here’s Why Ripple Wins)

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  • Published On: 2022-04-11 00:19:51
  • Video Published/Author: BitBoy Crypto
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A flashing neon sign for XRP was made this week at the Bitcoin 2022 conference. While Bitcoin was front and center at this conference, XRP stole the show. This video is for the XRP army. I’m bringing you the latest XRP news as well as providing you with an update on the lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple labs. Find out why Ripple WINS this week and exactly what happened at Bitcoin Miami.

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  1. The reason vested interested is trying to stop XRP is it returns the power of money back to the people. XRP had a finite number which cannot be changed. Every time the FED prints a dollar it reduces the value of every other dollar out in circulation. The so called "quantitative easing" is pure theft. If some counterfeiter prints money it is illegal than why are we the people allowing the FED which is a collection of private banks print money for USA or any country. We the people must take back our money and not allow anyone to manipulate the value of our currency ever again. This is what XRP will do if they win this so called lawsuit by the vested interest of the rich and powerful. Let the people wake and take back what is ours.

  2. Under the upcoming plans by the New World Order, also known as the World Economic Forum, there will be a worldwide digital currency implemented, wherein everyone will have to comply, ushering in the Mark of the Beast system. Decentralized currencies such as bitcoin, will be worthless, as they will be seized. Gold and silver will also be worthless and/or seized. There will be no safety net, except Jesus Christ. His will is that none should perish. Repent and receive His free gift of salvation today. Read Romans 10:9,10.

  3. never. xrp will never come out of this legal hell with the sec. and when it finally emerges from this legal hell, other coins will be used for cross-border payments. Life moves on for everyone. XRP will die in legal hell

  4. You have GOT to be kidding me. XRP to crush Bitcoin? I used to listen to you back in the day but now all you do is schill your bags. I miss the decentralized Ben of yesteryear. Not this new Ben pumping centralized projects.

  5. 1 thing you have to respect about Ben is he adjusts to the market he is not a maxi of any coin but rather a maxi of tech and opportunities and that along is a rare trait in crypto. 5 star General in my opinion so i salute him

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