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7 NFTs That Earn Passive Income | How Passive Income NFTS Work


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I break down 7 affordable NFTs that yield passive income.
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I deep dive into how NFTs can actually yield semi-sustainable passive income just by holding them.

We explore how Cyberkongz and mutantcats DAO creates value through their token.

-We go in depth on why it’s possible that an NFT can make passive income just by buying it. We dissect how developers add utility to their nft and coin projects so that the holders of the coin get paid to hold it. Example: Mutantcats developed a DAO (Digital Autonomous Orgnization) that buys and holds Cool Cat NFTs in a wallet that then gets fractionalized out to Fractional.art.

We then take a look at coin prices like $Banana and $fish to see the daily dollar value of that coin and how it relates to potential income for holders.

Then we take a look at 7 NFT projects to invest into to yield passive income. Any actions you take are of course at your own risk. We cover: The Doge Pound, Mutantcats, Buzzed Bears, Winter Bears, Loopy Donuts, and more.

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  1. Is cyber kong still around. I have not been able to find a new video about it on youtube for over a month? On all 7 nft's you mentioned here the floor price has dropped to tiny fractions of what was showing in your videos. please tell me why that is not a bad thing.

  2. I think in this world of crypto everyone deserves to benefit because the world is grossly growing in the aspect of technology but the problem is we dont have specialist, masters who had what it takes ( skills, stratergies) to earn and not the aspect of investing

  3. Probably not this guys fault, but in February 2022, all of these projects are trash. Literally all 7 of them are either worth almost nothing, or (at best), have a significantly lower floor price than in October 2021. If you look at it, although they may yeild 'passive income' (lol), they actually don't because they have no real utility and all of the coins tied to the project ARE the 'passive income' and worthless due to the overall lack of utility in the 'project' as a whole. NFTs that yield real passive income are (primarily) ones that are tied to successful businesses (such as a casino, or a game that people actually play and spend money in). None of these 7 fall into that category.

  4. SUPER SERIOUS QUESTION……. Does anyone know why these aren't considered securities? From my understanding, the SEC could shut these projects down. I also thought Opensea was shutting these types of projects down so they don't get in trouble for selling illegal securities? I just worry about joining a project like this then having Opensea stop all transactions and TANKING the value of my NFT because the SEC is investigating the entire project.

  5. From someone with little understanding there isn't any clear information actually relating to any passive income. No way to assess token values, no idea how you came up with 10/Banana tokens are worth ~$800/day. There is very little actual applicable information in this video and you do not explain how any of these other tokens values are assessed and therefore makes the information basically useless to apply.

  6. Great video! We're just stopping in to give everyone an update: While some NFT projects dilute their own ecosystem by introducing false value in the form of “utility tokens” that hold no real value, we have voted to delay bear staking until we have the proper infrastructure to provide lasting value to the ecosystem. Part of this infrastructure requires outside legal counsel, with whom we are currently consulting. We believe that this is the best method to ensure that all of our bears avoid legal/tax issues and to ensure regulatory compliance by the organization.

  7. i am just watching this video right now, and it seems that a majority of the nft's that you pointed out, there floor price dropped significantly. Is this because all of them have been minted and the token has decreased in value?

  8. Thank you for the great video! I didn't get one thing: how the NFT holders get their "NFT tokens related" daily? The company that owns the NFT/Token send tokens everyday to everyone who still have the NFT? How they do this? And how they check if that wallet still have the NFT? Thanks

  9. Better of buying lottery or betting on dogs. A few savvy clever early people will make money on nft. Then loads of scammers get rich and then 99% of people lose money just like crypto. But so many greedy people looking for the next ponzi

  10. If your a millionaire, WHAT can i do to make money for my family and be able to help the friends around me? Or what can i do to earn money from you? No matter the work.

  11. There is a nft collection named Ninja Squad. They are going to launch token. I think ninja squad has potential for passive income. I like the team and what they done. NFA

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