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Best 4 Easy Crypto Miners PASSIVE INCOME 2022


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Helium, PlanetWatch, Anchor Protocol, SCPrime are some of the projects i cover in this video so you can start making passive income by mining or staking your cryptocurrency!

These are all cryptoccurency projects that i have tried myself and really liked, their all pretty new and great opportunities to make a little extra money, dollars, euros on the side of you main 9 to 5 job, or at scale enven quit your job all together.

Let these crypto miners do the work for you, sit back, relax and have a hot coffee during this cold begining of 2022!

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This video was inspired by creators such as Vosk Coin, Jesse Eckel, Max Maher, Eddie Yoon, even Graham Stephan, aswell as Nerdy Dude Stuff, Jimmy is Promo, Eigen Tech, and Tactical Investing, etc…
This is not financial advice.
This video is however for educational purposes and does find itself in the finance niche.

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  1. Thank you! I’m considering doing the planet devices after I look into it more. It looks like there are different devices available. Are there any differences in rewards that you know of?

  2. Too bad we have not got 23 tokens a day instead of the 16 to 17 and the fact that you can’t buy a class four license for them now. As far as helium miners go check your hex in your area if you have a bunch of other miners in your hex then forget about it. You will only
    Make Pennie’s a day

  3. hey man, could you post a video about SCPrime mining? I really liked this project and wanted to see your setup and how can you make money with it. Also how can one start with this project. Thx 🙂

  4. T4 devices from Planetwatch like the Awair Element you showed will drop in earnings in about 60 days, when the recycle bin is empty. The earning will then be under 6 Planets per day. At the current price now that will be 1.5 to 1.8 dollar per day. ROI more like 200 days

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