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BTC-37 Crypto Mining Motherboard Showcase


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  • Published On: 2021-09-17 16:33:14
  • Video Published/Author: TekShinji
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we have a brown motherboard just like in yester year. The btc-37 Mining motherboard is “affordable” and ez to find but who is it for?

Stuff n Things in the video:


MSI H310-a Pro

DDR3 8GB DDR3 memory


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0:00 Intro
0:35 Unboxing & First look
1:14 RTX 3060 Ethereum Mining?
1:49 MOBO IO
2:18 Ram and SSD instillation.
3:25 set up, and installing OS
5:33 Thermography investigation
6:50 tight spacing issues
8:00 3 Slot card issues
10:00 Rebtech motherboard
10:50 what would I chose?
11:34 Consultation SHILL
12:10 Outro


Please do your own research before making ANY investments in cryptocurrency or crypto mining hardware. The Crypto market varies wildly from day to day and you can lose EVERTHING. Please be responsible in your decisions and consult a certified financial advisor or legal counsel. TekShinji is here to inform you so you have the information to make a proper decision. TekShinji and all related associates do NOT hold ANY responsibility for any losses or issues related to its content. Please Make responsible informed decisions regarding our content.


  1. There are many versions of this same board s37 t37 d37, I read somewhere one of them have interconnected pcie power making it unsafe to use two psus. I just aquired 2 t37's. I'm hoping this one isn't interconnected as im using 2 power supplies. I just need moar pcie power! I didn't want one psu powering just the board as that makes it pretty useless power wise. (432w + what ever the cpu uses if all risers pulling 54w). I only found info for my t37 on one reddit page reguarding the risers power and they're not interconnected according to that post. Hoping all is good, and yeah the spacing causes huge cooling issues. i pretty much have to have a box fan on each of these rigs unless i want 90+ mem temps.

  2. I just subscribed to you I wanted to know more information on that BTC-37 your right on the prices on all products at amazon it's 159.00 the ram is like 40.00 and the SSD is like 30.00 but I like the board with the giant heatsink so I'm going to research that. The MSI Pro seriers is out of stock

  3. I got the D37 with wider slots on the way for a consolidation project where I will make a poor mans enclosure to (attempt) mimic an Octominers cooling.
    With the lanes you mentioned, assuming same on D37, should I be concerned with using all 30 series cards (8×3070 non-LHR)?

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