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Crypto wallets explained


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  • Published On: 2021-02-28 19:15:00
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If you’re buying cryptocurrency you’ll want to keep it safe and accessible in a crypto wallet. Here’s what you need to know. 👇

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Ledger Nano X:
Trezor Model T:
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  1. >< Extraordinary post extremely definite and precise video that you posted, mate, I love your substance. It's interesting the way in which certain individuals out there actually haven't acknowledged that cryptographic forms of money keep on changing the world universally. Hard these days for anybody is against it. What I feel according to a trader's point of view that we truly need more specialists in the field to teach novice's/financial backers on how the local area functions, the cost of BTC has been fluctuating recently which implies the market is as of now open and you are not Be ready to tell whether it will be too negative or bullish, this vulnerability drives most merchants away and powers financial backers to hang on. I would agree that it is totally off-base to simply pause for a minute and sit tight for a couple of misfortunes is maybe some unacceptable mentality for a financial backer on the grounds that, as a financial backer, you will track down ways of continuing getting and besting up an ever increasing number of coins ought to be our main concern, to create a gain. Everything relies upon the example you are exchanging and the wellspring of your procedures too. I began with 0.2 BTC and have aggregated over 6.5 BTC in only 3 weeks, with the right exchanging methodology given to me by an accomplished broker, Mr. Edward Rowe. His techniques are first rate and beneficial and he can without much of a stretch be reached by means of Telegram: @EdwardRowe

  2. Great vid, thanks! A friend of mine came up with this idea for TRULY protecting one's 12 words, I'd love to get feedback.

    Basically, I convert my 12 words into their corresponding numbers (from 1 to 2048). Then, I perform an operation using a secret number (like my girlfriend's birthday). Let's say it's April 21 or 421. If my first word is "abandon" then it's 1, so I just add 421 and it becomes 422, which corresponds to "cruise."

    I do the same for the other 11 words, so I get 12 fake words. I engrave these fake words on metal or titanium (to fool the hacker or robber into thinking they MUST be the real words, otherwise why would someone engrave them?). This way, even if my 12 words are stolen, it's impossible to guess what the REAL words are (the robber would have to know my girlfriend's birthdate as well as the arithmetic operation (in this case, it's just adding the birthdate, but it could be more complex like adding the month but subtracting the day). Thoughts anyone? Thanks!

  3. great video, i like your style of when the trezor t model appears and the words roll showing the 24 words, it's a nice style os design beause it's responsible and cool at the same time. I feel sorry for that boy with his wallet, hope he could get his money back at his hands.

  4. I'm a confused newbie. I trade on Coinbase, but bought a Ledger wallet for more security. I added one that I only had about $4 of, to the wallet as a test. It worked successfully, but still shows on Coinbase. So when I trade, on Coinbase, does it change on my wallet, or if I trade from my wallet, will it affect what Coinbase says I have somehow? CAN you trade through the wallet?

    Trying to learn this stuff, but even though I've been in IT for 14 years, it's still confusing to me.

  5. Bitcoin is about to be taken down, I have nothing to gain by telling any of you this and I doubt you’ll listen but the information is out there for you if you want to save yourself before it’s truly too late.

    Good luck all.

    God Bless

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