EP 01: Basics of Futures and Options trading for Beginners with examples In Hindi by Convey – YouTube

EP 01: Basics of Futures and Options trading for Beginners with examples In Hindi by Convey


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  • Published On: 2020-12-04 18:39:01
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You might be wondering what is F & O
Beginners guide to learn Futures and Options (F&O) explained with Examples.
Why F&O? Why to choose Futures against Stocks?
Expand your trading activity to the new arenas in the #stockmarket. Learn all the basics of Futures and Options #F&O to intensify your trading knowledge

In this video, you are going to learn

a) Basics of Futures and Options: 0:11
b) What is Derivative Market: 0:27
c) Difference between cash market and derivative market: 0:46
c) Types of Derivative Market: 2:07
d) Forward Market: 2:13
e) Default risk: 06:36
f) Forward market conclusion 07:07

In the next video you will learn about
· Futures Market
· Differences between Forwards and Futures Market
· How a Futures Contract works.

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  1. I have be following tutorial for a month now but still the same streak of loosing. tutorial alone won't help, you need to provide your knowledge about it or seek help from an experts that's the only successful ways

  2. you see in trading cryptocurrency one requires more than just a primary knowledge of crypto. it is best to trade with an expert to avoid unnecessary losses. it's advisable to have a professional trader/broker who is an expert on the field to help you manage your account

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