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Flux Mining Profits Surpass Ethereum! 🚀🚀💰


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  • Published On: 2022-05-03 11:50:19
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  1. What are your Flux hashrates/watts settings now? For the 3070ti some people talk about how the electricity is more on RVN (240watts) vs Flux which people are running at 300W so it doesnt make sense

  2. The pump was caused by what looks like a total buy of 711.82K FLUX. See FLUX/USDT [Binance] – Big Whales Buy Activity

    711.82K FLUX bought

    💰Price: 2.00 USDT (10.09%)

    🚨Order Size: 1,388,302 USDT (5.03%)

    ⏳Duration: 15 minutes

    📊24h Vol: 27.6M USDT

    I think more investment will occur the closer we get to the merge, especially when people realize FLUX is the only crypto platform to partner with NVIDIA, which was announced earlier this year. FLUX has the largest WEB3 node network now – Dan Keller was saying it was largest by far. FLUX has become quite the darling crypto for miners regardless of the core-intensive Zelcash algorithm because of the well-devised and executed parallel asset program. Popularity with miners is sure to inevitably influence non-miners – buyers and traders and more institutional investments. Even Ravencoin is using FLUX's node network. ETC heir-apparent post-ETH? NOT SO FAST.

  3. This happens before every drop. Expected and will be up a lot over the next day or so. Then will drop right after the snapshot. Flux needs to be at least $2 at this current hash rate in order to be as profitable as ETH. Once ETH goes pos then flux value will need to go up a lot as hash increases.

  4. Guys, dont forget that flux is extremely low cap coin. Its significantly smaller than even rvn after crash. Even 1% of ETH hashrate to switch to flux would crush its profitability. Im mining flux on pascal gtx 1060 3gb and 1070 cards.

  5. People are missing the point here! The point is that ETH is going to get less profitable by the day because of the difficulty bomb. So Flux doesn't have to do much price wise from here and it will show better than ETH. If they are neck and neck now, even if Flux price drops a bit, consider that at the same time now, ETH is going to be less profitable. ETH will go down fast so I'd say look into something like Flux now, so you're ready. Or just turn off. ETH wants to insult the GPU miners with FUD so I'd say why not help create madness for them? More of use leave, the faster the bomb goes off.

  6. Tbh. We miners should all just ditch eth right now. Just for a week or so. That way we can show the ethereum developers that we control the network and make them think twice about pos.

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