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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Crypto Miner 24/7


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Today we break down the power costs of mining cryptocurrency on a 4x 1070ti + 2x RX5700 mining rig plus go over the profits of the last 5 weeks. How much does it cost to mine crypto? How Much Electricity do I use? Find out here!

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  1. Good video, but I think you forgot to include one thing to account for how much you make. Running those rigs also heats up your house, so in turn the A/C has to run a little harder to maintain temperature. So once you account for that extra little bit you should have a more accurate figure.

  2. ok i will admit im old and don’t understand the whole bitcoin? why and how does it transfer can anyone link me to a good video apparently I need crypto for Dummies. why does it cost? i get the electricity part.

  3. The world is heading for a blackout. Due to crypto mining the electricity has risen sharply in Europe and it's just the start of price rises.

    Crypto mining accounts for that extra demand across the world.

    We will see how much use there is of your bitcoin when everyone's running around wild, looting and killing.

    But this greed has been created through the greed of unfair employers who don't want to pay their employees fair wages or pay fair taxes.

  4. Hey I got a gtx 1060 6gb and the costs for my electricity is 0,38$ is it worth it to mine?

    I dont know how much my whole PC consumes on electricity but what would you guess?
    Round about would it be 200 watt or more?

    GTX1060 6gb
    I5 8500
    8gb Ram
    2 Hard drives

  5. Doesn't your utility charge delivery charges per kW/hr? Where I live, this is nearly the same as the cost of electricity generation. You calculated generation cost using the 9.6 cents per kW/hr. If delivery charges are almost the same that's 19.2 cents kW/hr. Plus the percentage of all the magical utility fees as well, charged per kW/hr. It's very complicated to try and find exact costs for one power using device in the home.

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