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How To Make Money Blogging On Wix

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  • Published On: 2022-01-20 12:30:27
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Learn how bloggers make money through advertising, affiliate income and info products, and how you can do the same on Wix.

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0:00 – Three ways to make money blogging
1:03 – Earnings from advertising
3:39 – Setup ads on Wix
6:28 – Applying to affiliates
6:06 – Add affiliate links to Wix
10:10 – Email marketing
10:45 – Adding a subscription box to Wix
11:37 – Info products


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  1. Hi, I'm struggling to add a link to text within the blog section of my Wix site.. I'm also struggling to find any explanation of how to do it anywhere online
    I found a video from 2018 but Wix has changed since then..
    I'm highlighting the text, clicking the link option, but it's not giving me an option to link to another of my pages, it's just asking for either a Web address or a section within the blog.. I'd assume it would be best to just add the website link to the page, but my site is not published yet so Wix doesn't allow me to copy the link to a specific page.

    It appears the only way I can do this is to publish my site and THEN add the link to the page.. but I'm not ready to publish yet

    do you have any ideas what I can do?


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