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Is CRO Worth Investing In? - Coin


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  • Published On: 2021-05-07 23:30:01
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In this video we discuss the basics of the Coin, and try to predict the price potential of the token with fundamental and technical analysis.

Stock-to-Flow Model:

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  1. Cro token my price this year about 17 to 27 cents. 2022 27 to 50 by the and year like bnb. Cdc must do a lot of things and when cro token will listeted on anothers excenges than we can go over 100 usd. Now only one excence is with cdc

  2. Cro coin is better then coinbase and it has credit cards plus it's like a bank account hosting more tokens then most and it going carbon negative in 18 months plus it's new all other coin exchanges have they're coin real high in price so for 12 cents now then 200 later it's just in time that this will happen Cro is the big bank pick up

  3. Staked $400 in CRO about a week ago. I'm down $60-$70 due to today's dip, but still feel confident in for the long-term. I figure the 2% cash back plus the bonuses for using CRO to pay for goods or just staking some is well worth the investment.

    Once I get my Metal Card, I look forward to transfering my cash and making some nice interest off of just holding some CRO or even some stablecoins like TrueUSD.

    On top of that, I'll get the $13 a month I pay for Spotify paid back to me in CRO coins. All will help me slowly make my way towards eventually getting the Jade Metal Card.

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