My Entire $1.25 Million Portfolio Unveiled: $11K/Month of Passive Income | 11.5% Yield | Update #12 – YouTube

My Entire $1.25 Million Portfolio Unveiled: $11K/Month of Passive Income | 11.5% Yield | Update #12


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  • Published On: 2022-03-28 04:30:07
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00:00 INTRO + FAQ’s/Reminders
06:35 Broker Overview (All 6 Accounts)
10:36 RRSP Accounts (U.S. Funds)
18:12 TFSA + Cash Account CHANGES
21:05 TFSA + Cash Account OVERVIEW
35:06 Portfolio TOTALS
36:58 OUTRO

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Founded in 2009, Harvest is a Canadian Investment Fund Manager. Harvest offers an innovative suite of exchange traded funds, mutual funds and publicly-listed structured fund products designed to satisfy the long-term growth and income needs of investors. We pride ourselves in creating trusted investment solutions that meet the expectations of our investors.

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  1. Adrian – you have changed my life!
    Thanks to your amazing information, I retired at the age of 56 and now have enough money to travel and enjoy vacations with my wife. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. I have the ability to liquidate roughly 2/3 of your portfolio and go for this, retire early and travel the world. That would give me about 7.5k per month, plenty. It just seems to good to be true! How long have you been doing this for and is it sustainable long term?

  3. Adrian, a quick question or a question to anyone on this forum. Does anyone know how Adrian's spreadsheet could have an extra column beside the Book Price that could automatically update and show "Today's price"? It would be nice to show the profit on the stock itself as well. Thanks.

  4. Adrian – thanks for the top notch content. The spreadsheet is amazing. Quick Question: Do you have a particular strategy/plan as to the % weight of income funds, ETFs, split funds, REITs, stocks you hold. I understand whatever you hold you want to diversify by sector/region but not sure if is important to diversify by stock type (specially if you figure one if more tax advantegous than the other for example)

  5. Awesome- I Sub'd! Nice- I'm 30 currently got 1.1m invested- It current paying me 100k a year as of right now. I do mostly QYLD XYLD RYLD JEPI DIVO SCHD and mix of them – Then reinvest a decent amount into growth since my monthly amount is plenty now. #Fired– I'm watch your stuff and see what I think

  6. So nice to see what a large amount actually pay. First video I saw and I am subscribing. Can I ask if you have any exposure to real estate and how would a rental income compare with stocks ? I'm at the beginning of investing and it would be nice to see someone with similar size real estate value showing their returns.

  7. Some of these stocks/funds drop 5-10% per year, your average yield may be around 13% or so. How will this impact your portfolio if it keeps going down and when you use part of the dividends as income?

  8. Hey Adrian, first time viewer…great stuff… I just turned 50 and have another 8 years to go until retirement…I will have a pension but that will not cover anything other than paying the bills to stay afloat…I have investments with Questrade which are doing quite well…but want to maximize their potential…any suggestions?

  9. Great video as usual Adrian. Thank you for bringing to light your approach to investing. You mentioned that you don't have anything invested in FFN. The yield is consistently great and it invests in North American Banks as you know. All blue chip. What don't you like about it and why is it not in your portfolio?

  10. If some replicates the above portfolio on todays price (3 April 2022)of shares. Annual dividend yield fell from 11.55% to 8.81%. Is there any other portfolio available which can give 11.55% dividend yield if I buy shares on today. Thanks

  11. Very grateful to have found your channel/website/FB a few months ago, Adrian & Erica; have been successfully doing PII in my TFSA since.
    Wondering if you would consider doing an interview with someone who can provide guidance on PII within one's CCPC? I'd like to invest a portion of my Retained Earnings, which is otherwise sitting in my biz account earning nothing and not needed for operations. I've done a ton of research on the types of investments and their respective tax-efficiencies but always appreciate hearing from experts. Thank you for all!

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